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SPEA in Rwanda

Peace, Conflict, and Development (4 cr.)

NOTE: This program will not be running in 2015, but will run again in summer 2016.

An estimated 800,000 Rwandans, approximately one-tenth of the total population were brutally massacred over the course of 100 days in 1994. Following the national trauma, several justice and reconciliation systems were put in place to move Rwanda towards long-term stability. The Rwandan government prioritized spending on health, education, agriculture, and infrastructure, leading to significant strides and gains in health, education, and the economy in the country. While the country moves toward development and long-term stability, inequality still permeates the country. The focus on providing the basics and eliminating corruption in the country marks a significant departure from government priorities in most other East African countries. However, despite making significant strides towards improvement, Rwanda still requires changes in issues of governance and policy in order to combat inequality within the country and gain status as a dynamic and competitive economic international powerhouse.

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Who May Apply:

Both undergraduate and graduate students in good standing are eligible to apply for admission. Undergraduate students should have at least a 3.2 GPA and have junior or senior status. Students will be interviewed by the Director before acceptance into the program. While preference and scholarship money will be given to SPEA students, the course is open to students from any related IU department.


Contact: Ashley Stevens

Overseas Program Specialist
812-856-0796, SPEA 201

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