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SPEA Summer Abroad Programs

Summer abroad programs are developed and run by SPEA, and courses are taught by SPEA faculty, alongside experts in the field. These programs are a great way for you to take SPEA major courses, work closely with SPEA faculty, and develop lasting relationships with other Indiana University students. SPEA’s summer abroad programs range from three to six credits and occur throughout the summer. Some programs are as short as two weeks, leaving the remainder of your summer free for other career development opportunities. 

We are currently in the process of updating and adding new programs for Summer 2015. Please check back often, as our website will be updated as information becomes available. 

Tentative programs for Summer 2015 include: 


Berlin (Water Management)

Bavaria and Lombardia (Globalization and Public Policy)

Speyer (Public Policy)


Barcelona (Innovation and Globalization)

Pamplona (Healthcare and Environmental Evaluation)


Ireland (Conflict Resolution)

London (Nation Building, Managing Hazards, and National Security)

Oxford (International Security)


Rwanda (Post-Conflict Development)

South Africa (Natural Resources and Parks Management)

Uganda (International Development)


Athens, Greece (Democracy and Policy)

Graz, Austria (Music Industry Management)

Istanbul, Turkey (Political and Economic Development)

Hanoi, Vietnam (Environmental Management and Policy)

India (Political and Economic Development)


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