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The Placement Process

The internship placement process can be one of the most exciting and frustrating parts of preparing for your semester in DC. The WLP program garuntees that every student will have internship prior to their arrival in DC, though in some cases it can take right up until the week before the semester starts to finalize all placements.

Finally, while we guarantee that every WLP student will have an internship before they travel to DC we cannot guarantee a particular internship placement. We ask that every student remain open-minded to the variety of internship opportunities we have, and we believe that every internship offers a great experience. We will do our best to work with you individually to find an internship that fits your goals and interests but can only do our best to put IU and WLP’s endorsement behind you. It is the up to the discretion of each internship placement of whether to accept any WLP student. Therefore, you may not receive one of your top choice internship placements, but we will guarantee that you will have a quality internship while you are in DC. 

The Placement Process
you should carefully review all the internships possibilities. As much as possible, ignore the names of organizations and read the intern descriptions carefully. Don't be intimidated by the duties; remember, they expect to train you, but consider the skills that you can bring to the internship and those you want to develop.

Contact the former students on the internship descriptions and ask them about their experience at the organization. Each of these WLP alums has agreed to help current and future students by shairing experiences, so don't be intimated to email them.

Next, you should set up an appointment to meet with Elizabeth Pear through the online schedule system. Every student is required to hold a meeting with Elizabeth and failure to schedule one will result in removal from the program. During this meeting, we will work together to update your resume and talk about your potential internship choices. If you are considering an internship that is not on our pre-determined list, we can help but you must take the initative to research exisiting internship opportunities and application processes for your desired placement organizations. To schedule an appointment, visit Elizabeth's online calendar.

After you meet with Elizabeth, complete your internship preference sheet and upload the updated version of your resume. This is the version of your resume that will be sent to pontential internship placements, so be sure that it's the one you want your future supervisor to see! Internship preference sheets and resumes are due no later than Friday, March 20nd

Once we receive all the internship preference sheets, we will begin contacting internship placements based on your choices. Your resume will be forwarded to your first choice placement with a request for a phone interview and/or further e-mail communication.  Please be prepared to take part in a telephone interview on only a few days notice.

The internship placement process will take place through August. If we find that your first choice placement is not able or willing to take an intern and/or is unresponsive after some time, we will move to your second or third choice. Students will be notified throughout the process of where things stand and who has been contacted. We will not contact a second or third choice without first contacting the student. If in the unlikely event that none of your top three choices are available, we will discuss other options and the best way to proceed at that time.

Students intersted in pursing internship placements not on the established list can do so, but must take the initiative to complete any required application processes. In addition, the student's second and third choice placements must be from the list of WLP contacts/placements. Students have a set deadline to be determined each semester by which to make progress on an off-list internship. Each situation will be evaluated at this date, and we will need to consider moving to the student's alternate internship choices if enough progess has not been made.

Students interested in internships that require a security clearance and/or internal approval process must list that internship as their first choice. Pursuing those options as a second or third choice placement does not leave enough time for the student to obtain the necessary permissions to begin the internship in a timely fashion.

After you have been successfully placed in an internship there will be no further requirements until you arrive in DC other than to keep in contact with your assigned sponsor and complete any forms/security clearance paperwork that is required.