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Participant Responsibilities and Code of Conduct

While in Washington, DC, as in other settings, participants can have a major impact on their own health and safety through the decisions they make before and during the program and by their day-to-day choices and behaviors.

In addition, while in Washington, DC, participants serve as a representative of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) and Indiana University (IU) and, as such, their conduct throughout this experience is a reflection on not them personally, but also the program, SPEA and IU.

Participants must:
Participate fully in all orientations and required meeting before departure and on site, and read and carefully consider all information provided by WLP programs.

When applying for or accepting a place in a program, consider carefully their health and other personal circumstances, and assume responsibility for them after acceptance.

Obtain and maintain supplementary health insurance coverage and liability insurance, if required, and abide by any conditions imposed by the carriers.

Inform parents/guardians/families, and any others who may need to know, about their participation in the WLP program, provide them with emergency contact information, and keep them informed on an ongoing basis.

Understand and comply with the terms of participation, codes of academic and ethical conduct, and emergency procedures of the program, and obey all state, local and federal laws.

Refrain from sharing materials obtained and produced in the internship should with anyone outside of the organization without express consent from the organization and its officers. 

Refrain from speaking  to the press or any outside sources about the organizations participating in the Program without express written permission from the organization, and to confirm that the person providing such permission is duly authorized by the organization to do so;

Avoid substance abuse of all kinds.

Understand what constitutes a permissible work absence and whom to notify if absent. 

Behave in a professional manner including but not limited to arriving on time to work, finishing assignments/projects when due, following through on all commitments, dressing appropriately for the work setting and refraining from conducting personal business during work hours.

Follow the program policies for keeping program staff informed of their whereabouts and well-being, especially when travelling outside of the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Behave in a manner that is respectful of the rights and well-being of others, and encourage others to behave in a similar manner.  Participants should assert themselves and their ideas in an appropriate and tactful manner at all times.

Accept responsibility for their own decisions and actions.

Accepted students must sign and submit the Participant Responsibilities and Code of Conduct no later than Friday, February 27th to seal their placement in the program. Download the The Participant Responsibilities and Code of Conductcan as a PDF file.