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Washington Leadership Program

young professional femaleHave you always dreamed of a career in government, public affairs, health care policy, or the non-profit sector? Can you think of nothing more exciting than spending a semester living, learning, and working in Washington, D.C.—one of the country’s most dynamic and exciting cities? Are you looking for programs that offer all this and more?  Look no further than the  Washington Leadership Program (WLP).

With the WLP you will recieve:
Unique Learning Experience

Valuable, One-of-a-Kind Internships

Vibrant City Life & Culture

Unique Classroom Learning Experience

If you think a life and career in D.C. may be in your future, there’s no better way to learn the ropes than through WLP’s immersive, hands-on courses taught by experienced Washington veterans. All students take a Friday morning course focusing on policy processes in the US Federal Government. Students also have a choice between two policy topics courses to suit their interests.

“The WLP courses give opportunities to students that they cannot get through any other IU program. We hear d speakers from many different government agencies and departments and also got the opportunity to visit exclusive offices such as the Office of Management and Budget and the Government Accountability Office”
– 2012 WLP Participant, Brian Howell
“My courses in D.C. provided a learning opportunity unlike any I had ever experienced. Listening to speakers from prestigious offices and traveling through the city to explore different government buildings and private organizations was eye opening and educational. Usually classrooms are theoretical, but in D.C. I got to see real-life examples of what I was learning.”
-2013 WLP Participant, Sarah Horn

Valuable, One-of-a-Kind Internships

In today’s ultra-competitive job market, having a top-flight internship under your belt can make all the difference. WLP offers dozens of internship opportunities in government agencies, congressional offices, environmental and health organizations, the non-profit sector, and much more.

IU Legal Studies Student Anna Schimel interned at the White House Council on Environmental Quality with the Task force of State, Local and Tribal Leaders on Climate Preparedness and Resilience. When asked what she took away from the experience, Anna mentioned she gained a variety of skills.

“This internship had a huge learning curve but I felt as though I performed up to my potential at every turn. I am a better writer, more confident in my skills, able to handle the daily frustrations and stress constructively, and take initiative on projects.”
– 2013 WLP Participant, Anna Schimel
“My internship helped me develop skills in a way no other experience could. I was trusted to do things that before, I never thought I could do. I was on conference calls with important people and my opinion was valued. I gained confidence in my professional abilities that the classroom never could have given me.”
-2013 WLP Participant, Sarah Horn


City Life & Culture

With its world-class museums, fun and interesting cultural districts, and vibrant nightlife, Washington D.C. is one of the world’s most unique cities. Exploring the city’s endless opportunities with your fellow students is one of the most best aspects of WLP.

“Spending a semester in D.C. with a group of students with similar interests and goals was one of the most formative experiences of my time with IU. I formed relationships with many of my fellow WLPers that continued after the program and will stay strong as we move into our professional lives.”
– 2012 WLP Participant, Aaron Olson

“Washington, D.C. is one of the most exciting places to live. Events are always happening and because of WLP, I always had someone to accompany me. I truly enjoyed the opportunity to explore the city by myself or with my classmates. We never ran out of things to see and do.”

-2013 WLP Participant, Sarah Horn

“It felt as though we were in a city full of people working feverishly to make some kind of positive, lasting impact on our society. When you live within a mile of places like the White House, Smithsonian, National Archives, and Supreme Court, the sense of possibility is everywhere."

-2013 WLP Participant, Nick Erickson