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Internship Opportunities

man tying tieAll IU in DC students intern four full days each week in a variety of interesting and challenging assignments. As an intern, students will be expected to work as an entry-level professional, completing substantive and independent assignments.

WLP Internships
The Washington Leadership Program (WLP) provides students with over thirty different internships to choose from, so they allow participants a wide array of internship selections. These include internships with, governmental agencies, congressional offices and non-governmental organizations/non-profits. We will also offer a limited opportunities with for-profit organizations, though all internship assignments will have a government and/or education and outreach focus.

See a full list of internships possible through the WLP. Note that you will need your IU username and password to access these internship descriptions

Additional Internship Placements
IU in DC offers some flexibility in that if a student wants an internship that is not on our pre-determined list, we can help him or her, based on their own initiative, obtain their desired internship. We have had participants intern at many places by these means, including in the U.S. Humane Society and the Smithsonian Gardens.

In addition to the existing internship placements, there are a number of internships students may wish to pursue but will need to apply for in addition to their IU in DC program. These include, but are not limited to the White House and the State Department. In many cases, students will need to apply for these programs before they know of their acceptance or denial into the WLP.

Acceptance into any of these these internships do not guarantee placement into the Washington Leadership Program and vice versa. WLP staff are happy to assist students throughout these application processes and any necessary security clearance paperwork, but have no direct influence on the outcome of these placements. In addition, these programs are highly competitive and we ask that any student who is interested in the WLP and applying for one of these internships, remain open-minded to other internship placements we may have to offer. If a student is admitted to the WLP but not to their top internship placement, we will work with the student to secure an alternate placement and ask that they remain flexible and consider alternate placements.