IU SPEA Office of Career Services Announcements - November 30, 2011


IUB - Office of the Vice President for International Affairs
Associate Director International Partnerships, International Affairs
Posting Expires: 12/1/11

Indiana Association of Cities and Towns
Winter/Spring 2012 Legislative Internship
Posting Expires: 12/5/11 - 4pm

United Nations - UN - Development Programme - UNDP
Spring 2012 - Asia-Pacific Regional Centre Internship
Spring 2012 UNDP Internship - UN Coordination Intern
Posting Expires: 12/8/2011; 12/11/2011

US Environmental Protection Agency - EPA
Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) Undergraduate Fellowship - Fall 2012
Posting Expires: 12/12/2011

Education Pioneers
2012 Education Pioneers Summer Graduate School Fellowship
2012 Education Pioneers Yearlong Fellowship
2012 Education Pioneers Analyst Fellowship
Posting Expires: 12/15/2011 (priority deadline 12/15/2011 - final deadline 2/1/2012); 2/1/2012 (priority deadline 2/1/2012 - final deadline 3/30/2012)

International Union for Conservation of Nature - IUCN - Environmental Law Center - ELC
Dean's Internship - Environmental Law/Policy Summer Intern
Posting Expires: 12/15/2011; Rolling Deadline

California Legislative Analyst's Office - LAO
Summer 2012 - Fiscal & Policy Analyst Summer Internship
Fiscal and Policy Analyst (K-12 Education)
Fiscal and Policy Analyst (Human Services)
Fiscal and Policy Analyst (State and Local Finance)
Fiscal and Policy Analyst

Posting Expires: 12/16/2011 - open until filled

US Department of Homeland Security - DHS - Federal Emergency Management Agency - FEMA
Internship - Student Career Experience Program
Posting Expires: 12/17/2011

US Department of Commerce - DOC - Bureau of the Census - Governments Division
2012 Summer Internship
Posting Expires: 12/29/2011 - open until filled

US Environmental Protection Agency - EPA - Office of Water - Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water
Internship - Water Utilities Emergency Preparedness and Response
Posting Expires: 12/29/2011 - open until filled

US Department of Energy - DOE - Office of Fossil Energy
Summer 2012 Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship
Posting Expires: 12/31/2011

Dow AgroSciences
Science Intern, Laboratory Based Research
Posting Expires: 12/31/2011

More Spotlight Opportunities
Available Here
Postings Expire: N/A


**Featured SPEA Office of Career Services Events**

Coffee with Career Services - Job/Internship Search Strategy Discussion
Hosting Workshop at SPEA 200A on Thu 12/1/11, Tue 12/6/11 at 8:30am-9:15am
RSVP Requested - More Information

Registration Deadline: IU SPEA Washington, DC Career Exploration Trip
Fri 12/2/11 - Event to take place 1/3/12-1/5/12
RSVP Required - More Information

California Legislative Analyst's Office Employer Information Session
Hosting Information Session at SPEA 300DCR on Wed 12/7/11 at 12pm
RSVP Required - More Information

IU SPEA Distinguished Alumni Meet-n-Greet Roundtable Discussion with Real Estate Firm Executive, Joel Schneider
Hosting Meet-n-Greet Roundtable Discussion at SPEA 212 on Wed 12/7/11 at 5:30pm-6:30pm
RSVP Requested - More Information

**Additional Events**

Free Kaplan Test Prep Class Previews
Hosting MCAT, GRE, & DAT, Test Prep Classes at multiple locations on Wed 11/30/11, Wed 12/7/11, Sat 12/7/11 at multiple times
Registration Required - More Information

West European Career Night
Hosting Career Panel and Networking Event at Oak Room, IMU on Wed 11/30/11 at 6:30pm
Registration Required - More Information

Boren Scholarships & Fellowships Information Session
Hosting Information Session at Ballantine 004 on Thu 12/1/11 at multiple times
More Information

Foreign Language & Area Studies - FLAS Information Session
Hosting Information Session at Dogwood Room, IMU on Mon 12/5/11 at 4pm
More Information

Starcom Employer Information Session
Hosting Employer Information Session at BU 109 on Tue 12/6/11 at 7:30pm
Registration Required - More Information

How to Build a Well Paying Career in CSR, Social Enterprise and Sustainable Business Webinar
Hosting Webinar Workshop online on Fri 12/9/11 at 12pm
Registration Required (free) - More Information

WEST, Inc. Employer Site Visit
Hosting Open House at 408 W 6th St. on Thu 12/15/11 at 5pm
More Information


The following job/internship opportunities below are only a sampling of positions posted on SPEACareers.com.
-----(Additional positions are listed in SPEACareers.com, IUCareers.com, the IU SPEA OCS LinkedIn site, and resources are available at IU SPEA OCS's Career Guides by Major/Area as well).
Please note that many of these positions have rolling deadlines, but you are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Tradebe Environmental Services, LLC
Technical Field Services Operations Supervisor
Posting Expires: 11/30/2011

WFHB 91.3 / 98.1 / 100.7 / 106.3 FM
Winter/Spring Strategic Planning Intern
Posting Expires: 12/1/2011

IUB - Outdoor Adventures
Banff Mountain Film Festival Intern
Posting Expires: 12/2/2011

The Public Interest Network
Environment America Advocate
U.S. PIRG Advocate
Posting Expires: 12/14/2011

Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington
Spring 2012 Program Director Internship
Spring 2012 - Resource Development Internship
Posting Expires: 12/17/2011; 12/27/2011 - open until filled

Living Roots Ecovillage
Ecovillage Spring Apprentice
Posting Expires: 12/31/2011

Indianapolis Museum of Art - IMA
Fall 2012 - IMA Internships and Scholars Programs
Posting Expires: 1/6/2012

Building Excellent Schools
School Founding & Leadership - The Building Excellent Schools Fellowship
Posting Expires: 2/15/12 - rolling

EPIC Academy Charter High School
Development Manager
Posting Expires: 4/8/2012 - open until filled

Dandelion Village
Dandelion Village Natural Building Internship
Dandelion Village Gardening Internship
Dandelion Village Fundraising Internship
Posting Expires: 11/1/2012, 11/15/2012, 12/1/2012 - all open until filled

More Jobs, Internships, Fellowships, etc. are posted in SPEACareers.com
Deadline: N/A

More Jobs, Internships, Fellowships, etc. are posted in IUCareers.com
Deadline: N/A

More Jobs, Internships, Fellowships, etc. are posted in IU SPEA OCS LinkedIn Group
Deadline: N/A


The following SPEA Career Mentors below are only a sampling of the mentors listed in the IU SPEA OCS LinkedIn Career Mentors site that have volunteered to be contacted for career advice by SPEA students and alumni.
-----(Please visit our Networking Tips page before reaching out to a mentor.)

Executive Vice President
Greater Salt Lake City Area

Iowa Economic Development Authority
Lead Project Manager/Team Lead
Des Moines, Iowa

Carlin O'Brien
Business Support Specialist
Greater Chicago Area

JDLevy & Associates
Director of Philanthropic Sustainability
Bloomington, Indiana

Community Health Network
Healthcare Recruiter
Indianapolis, Indiana Area

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- SPEACareers.com
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- IU SPEA OCS LinkedIn Group
- IU SPEA OCS's Career Guides by Major/Area

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