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Welcome to K200/K506 Microcomputer Applications in Kinesiology. During this semester you will be challenged to learn and use the computing environment at Indiana University. Everything you need to know about this class will be found here on this Website.

The Spring 2019 session runs Januray 7-May 3. Ms. Margaret Lion teaches three day time classes occurring M-W-F. Mr. Lowell Furman teaches one day time classe occurring M-W-F, and the evening section M-W. During each class session there will be lecture/demonstration and then lab time to complete and receive assistance with class projects.

You may contact Ms. Margaret Lion by email at or by phone at 812-856-0006. Contact Mr. Lowell Furman by email at

What you will find at each of the links on the left:

  • Home: This link takes you to the front page of the Web site.
  • Syllabus: Takes you to the syllabus page where you will find information on the attendance policy and grading.
  • Calendar: Gives details on each week in the classroom.
  • Weekly Projects: Lists the daily participation points, provides links to needed files, and gives due dates.
  • Exams & Major Projects: Lists the Major Assignments, provides links to needed files, and gives due dates.
  • Class Resources: Links to files and Web sites to help you with this course.
  • Mr. Furman's Class: Links to Mr. Furman's class due dates and course changes for his section.
  • Canvas: Takes you to the Canvas Login page.
  • Box @ IU: Takes you to the Box @ IU Login page.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you in the classroom!

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