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Indiana University Bloomington

About Us

The mission of the Indiana University Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences is to serve the community by advancing innovative basic and applied research in communication sciences and disorders for the purpose of knowledge acquisition, student education, professional training and clinical practice. We strive for excellence in interdisciplinary research and teaching through our collaborations with Cognitive Sciences, Psychological and Brain Sciences, Neuroscience, Linguistics, Latino Studies, and Kinesiology.

Our faculty members foster student education by offering opportunities to participate in research, undertake diverse course-offerings, and deliver clinical services in speech-language and hearing. The department is committed to increasing the diversity of our field through our summer research internship (TRACCS) and bilingual speech-language training grant (STEPS).

Our clinics offer state-of-the art diagnostic and treatment facilities for people with communication disorders and serve as a referral source for many health-providers. The IU Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences is proud to serve the educational and clinical needs of Indiana and beyond. For more information about the department and its plans for the future, please contact the department chairperson, Dr. Larry Humes.