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Indiana University Bloomington

Curriculum for Au.D. Program

General Requirements

The Au.D. curriculum requires a minimum of 90 credit hours, 66 credit hours of which involve didactic instruction; the other 24 credit hours being clinical practicum. Students must complete a minimum of 2000 hours of supervised, clinical practicum during the AuD. The Au.D. takes a minimum of three years to complete, with the program of study being as follows:

  1. The first year of the Au.D. emphasizes the science underlying the discipline of audiology, with courses in anatomy and physiology of the ear, acoustics, and psychoacoustics, and providing instruction in audiometry, diagnostics, and amplification.
  2. The second year of the Au.D. focuses on courses that relate directly to the scope of practice of the clinical audiologist, with instruction in pediatric audiology, auditory disorders, amplification, rehabilitation, counseling, and diagnostic tests.
  3. The third year of the Au.D. involves a full-time clinical externship at an off-campus site and internet-based instruction in clinical audiology.

The Indiana University Au.D. fulfills the requirements for certification in audiology specified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association for doctoral level audiologists (to become the entry-level qualification on January 1, 2012).

Further Detailed Information

For information regarding the rules and regulations of the AuD program, see the University's bulletin on the AuD and the AuD student handbook.

A Typical Course of Study

  Course Credits Practicum
Fall Yr 1 S474 Introduction to Audiometric testing 3  
  S571 Auditory Anatomy and Physiology 3  
  S578 Instrumentation and Calibration 3  
  S675 Middle ear assessment 2  
  S570 Introduction to Audiology clinic 1 25+ hrs of observation
  total: 12  
Spring Yr 1 S478 Rehabilitative Audiology 3  
  S573 Lab in Amplification 1  
  S576 Amplification for the hearing impaired 3  
  S671 Auditory evoked potentials 2  
  S678 Psychoacoustics 3  
  S570 Audiology Clinic 0 25+ hrs of practicum
  cumulative total: 24  
Summer 1 Yr 1 S577 Industrial Audiology 2  
  S570 Clinical Practicum 0 25 practicum hours
Summer 2 Yr 1 S570 Clinical Practicum 1 25 practicum hours
  S775 Vestibular Diagnosis and Rehabilitation 3  
  cumulative total: 30  
Fall Yr 2 S477 Auditory Disorders 3  
  S574 Central Auditory Nervous System 3  
  S579 Children with Hearing Loss 3  
  S777 Speech Communication and Aging 2  
  S670 Year 2 clinical practicum 1 100 practicum hours; part-time externships begin
  cumulative total: 42  
Spring Yr 2 S506 Counseling in Communication Disorders 2  
  S515 Reading Research in Audiology 2  
  S676 Advanced Seminar in Amplification 3  
  S677 Implantable Auditory Prostheses 3  
  S679 Otoacoustic Emissions 2  
  S670 Year 2 clinical practicum 1 100 practicum hours; part-time externships continue
  cumulative total: 55  
Summer 1 Yr 2 S779 Business Practices 2  
  S672 Externship in Audiology 2 225 practicum hours over the summer; local commuting externships
Summer 2 Yr 2 S572 Clinical electrophysiology 2  
  S778 Educational Audiology 2  
  S672 Externship in audiology 2  
  cumulative total: 65  
Fall Yr 3 S771 Diagnostics and Pathologies 3  
  S673 Advanced Externship in Audiology 5 full-time externship over the year; hours total over 1500
  cumulative total: 73  
Spring Yr 3 S772 Amplification and Rehabilitation 3  
  S673 Advanced Externship in Audiology 5  
  cumulative total: 81  
Summer 1 Yr 3 S773 Pediatrics and Special Populations 2  
  S673 Advanced Externship in Audiology 2  
Summer 2 Yr 3 S774 Recent Advances in Audiology 2  
  S673 Advanced Externship in Audiology 3  
  cumulative total: 90  
  Total clinical practicum > 2000 hours