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Indiana University Bloomington

Financial Aid for MA SLP Program

Admissions to the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences follows the admissions and financial aid procedures of the University Graduate School.

Funding Opportunities

A limited number of Graduate Assistant (GA) positions are available that are usually offered to incoming students with the highest GPAs and GRE scores. These GA positions typically include a tuition waiver and a stipend for the student's first year of the program. Students who have taken several levels of American Sign Language (ASL) may also qualify for funding as GAs for the many ASL courses offered in our department. Students are encouraged to describe their ASL or other special skills in the application to graduate program.

Students who are interested in the bilingual (Spanish-English) track in the MA program can also receive funding. If you are bilingual and interested in this program, please see the MA STEPS Program section of our website for more information. You must specifically indicate your interest in this program on your application to be considered.

Required Materials and Deadlines

Applications must be complete by January 15 to be considered for funding (please see “Apply to IU” for application requirements). All applicants who apply to the Master’s degree program will automatically be considered for funding through these two mechanisms. As such, students do not need to inquire about the possibility of receiving funding. Students who will be offered funding will receive that offer as soon as funding is available.