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Indiana University Bloomington

Applying for the bilingual track program (STEPS)

For admission requirements please see M.A. in Speech Language Pathology for more information. Please note that an undergraduate degree in SLP is not necessary.

It is important that you indicate in your application essay your interest in our bilingual training track. In addition, please e-mail STEPS director, raanders @ (Dr. Raquel Anderson), and let her know that you have applied to the program. Once your application is completed, STEPS personnel will contact you to arrange a phone interview to assess your oral language proficiency in Spanish (or English, for those non-native English speakers). It is expected that students will be contacted in January to February.

Pre-requisites for admission to STEPS include:
  1. minimum GPA of 3.0
  2. fluency in Spanish (minimum of low-advanced fluency in listening and speaking)
  3. the desire to work as a bilingual SLP with children and adolescents ages 3-21

Funding opportunities

Students admitted to STEPS will compete with other MA applicants for departmental funding. Currently, we are waiting to re-apply for funding via a grant from the Department of Education (Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation). In addition, we have two scholarships that will provide students with in-state tuition plus a stipend for a year. Please contact raanders @ (Dr. Raquel Anderson) for additional information concerning other potential funding outside of the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences.

For more information on the program, please contact raanders @ (Dr. Raquel Anderson) or smvargas @ (Susanna Vargas).