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Indiana University Bloomington

STEPS curriculum

Students enrolled in the STEPS program will fulfill ASHA academic and practicum requirements for the Certificate of Clinical Competence. Because of its focus, the STEPS program will be geared toward completing coursework in areas related to child language, bilingualism and diversity. In addition to the core courses within the master's curriculum, STEPS students will be required to take the following courses:

  • Spanish Language Acquisition and Disorders
  • Child Bilingualism/Second Language Acquisition
  • School-age Language Development and Disorders
  • Methods in Speech and Hearing Therapy in the Schools
  • One additional elective focusing on child speech or language disorders

Students who have the undergraduate coursework will begin their practicum their first semester in the program. Those without the undergraduate coursework will begin clinical pratica once these have been completed. The clinical practica includes the following opportunities:

  • assessment and therapy assignments in regional public schools with a high Latino enrollment
  • clients in the department's clinic
  • community screenings
  • externship placement in schools with a significant Latino population as well as a medical or other non-educational setting

Incorporated within STEPS' core courses is a service-learning component. Students, in collaboration with the bilingual supervisor and STEPS director, will participate in a variety of service learning activities in the community.