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Indiana University Bloomington

Financial aid for Ph.D. Program

Admissions to the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences follows the admissions and financial aid procedures of the University Graduate School.

Required Materials and Deadlines

To be considered for financial aid, your completed application must be received by January 15. You can apply online at Applications will not be considered until ALL SIX of the items listed below have been received. These items should be returned to:

Kimberly Elkins
Administrative Secretary
Speech and Hearing Sciences
200 S. Jordan Ave.
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405-7002

____1. Application materials
____2. Two copies of official transcripts
____3. Three letters of recommendation
____4. Test results for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). If you haven't taken the GRE prior to submitting your application, please indicate the anticipated test date on your application.
____5. Statement of Purpose
____6. Graduate Application Fee. (see on-line application for current fee)

Do not assume all your paper admissions materials will reach us. Sometimes they are lost in the mail, sent to another department, etc. You may call our department to check on the status of your application (812) 855-4202.