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Indiana University Bloomington

Overview of Ph.D. Program

The goal of the PhD program in Speech and Hearing Sciences at Indiana University is to train students for research activities in the field of speech and hearing sciences. For all students, the PhD program places an emphasis on the acquisition of a fundamental knowledge base and the development of research skills. Many students will apply these research skills to clinical populations.

A PhD typically requires four to five years of research training and coursework, with the first two-three years devoted primarily to taking classes and developing basic research skills. During the first two years, students complete two research projects, which are thesis-like in nature but narrower in scope. These projects culminate in a publication, presentation, or both.The final year or two is devoted almost exclusively to research experience, including the dissertation. Most students also receive experience teaching classes during this time frame.

In the first year of the PhD program, students are generally matched with a mentor who will oversee the student's progress through the PhD program. Listing of the faculty and their corresponding research interests can be found by following the appropriate links in the three major areas below: