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Indiana University Bloomington

American Sign Language

The Indiana University Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences offers four levels of American Sign Language. Students can take the ASL sequence to fulfill their foreign language College requirement and the General Education World Language requirement.

American Sign Language is a language that is used among the Deaf Community throughout the United States and Canada. It is a unique language which contains all the grammatical rules that are found in any languages with an exception that ASL solely depends on the use of facial grammar (expression). ASL is the third most common language in the US behind English and Spanish. Students who take ASL find themselves using the language when coming into contact with the Deaf Community.


A100: American Sign Language
Level One

This is a beginner level for students who have no experience in the language.

A150: American Sign Language
Level Two

Prerequisite A100. Continues building receptive and expressive abilities. Puts emphasis on the use of signing space, facial grammar, body postures, fluent finger spelling, and continued vocabulary development. More complex grammatical structures are introduced.

A200: American Sign Language
Level Three

Prerequisite A150. Emphasizes the development on conversational ability.

A250: American Sign Language
Level Four

Prerequisite A200. Continues to develop knowledge of American Sign Language and deaf culture. Students will experience the language outside the classroom through interaction with the deaf community.