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Indiana University Bloomington

Honors Program

All juniors with a GPA greater than or equal to 3.5 are eligible for participation in the SPHS Departmental Honors Program. In the Fall semester, juniors with a GPA greater than 3.5 will receive an email from the Director of UNdergraduate Studies, inviting them to attend a meeting to learn about the program.

Applications to the program must be submitted to the director of undergraduate studies by the end of week 3 of the Fall semester. Applications should be submitted electronically, the application including

  1. 1. an unofficial copy of an academic transcript
  2. 2. a resume
  3. 3. a writing sample where literature is cited (if available)
  4. 4. a brief statement of why the applicant wants to do honors and what s/he hopes to gain from it
Applicants will be notifed by the end of week 9 regarding the outcome of their application. Successful applicants are admitted to the honors program in the Spring of their junior year.

The honors program consists of completion of three courses in Speech and Hearing (S415, S399, S499) and an honors thesis with a faculty member.  Note that students who complete honors and so the S415, S399, S499 sequence receive credit for their intensive writing requirement.

Honors Research and Thesis

Honors research usually involves an experimental study that is presented in a formal, written document. The document includes a review of the literature the details of the study, together with the results and discussion of the study. Students also present their honors projects to the faculty at the end of spring semester of their senior year.


SPHS-S 311

It is recommended that students interested in the honors program take this course prior to admission to the program (e.g., fall of junior year). Preference will be given to applicants who have completed or who are enrolled in this course at the time of their application. Students may also enroll in P211: Psychological and Brain Sciences, to complete the research methods course requirement.

SPHS-S 415

This is a seminar offered in the spring semester of the junior year and is usually taught by the director of undergardaute studies

SPHS-S 399

Most of the work for this course is done under the tutelage of the student's mentor. It is during this semester that the student will develop the research project and begin working on the data collection process. The course also includes scheduled class meetings coordinated by the director of undergraduate studies.

SPHS-S 499

Continuation of thesis work and scheduled class meetings. This course meets during the spring semester of the senior year and is coordinated by the director of undergraduate studies.