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Indiana University Bloomington

Overview of B.A. and B.S. degrees

The undergraduate program in Speech and Hearing Sciences offers Bachelor's of Science (BS) and Bachelor's of Arts (BA) degrees. Within these degrees, students can choose among various tracks:

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Speech and Hearing Sciences
curriculum provides a general liberal arts base, with strong preparation in the normal processes of speech, language, and hearing along with specialized training in communication disorders. Students choose from:

  1. General Speech and Hearing Major for students who are seeking a broad liberal arts and sciences education that centers on the processes of normal and disordered communication, and who do not necessarily plan to continue toward a clinical career in the field.
  2. Major with Concentration in Audiology and Hearing for students more focused in the study of audiology.
  3. Major with Concentration in Speech-Language Pathology
    for students interested in speech-language pathology.

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Speech and Hearing Sciences is designed to provide a stronger scientific and mathematical background in the field. The degree prepares students for both clinical and research fields in speech, language and hearing sciences, and communication disorders. Students can choose from two concentrations that correspond to the two major fields in speech and hearing sciences:

  1. Concentration in Audiology and Hearing Science
  2. Concentration in Speech and Language Sciences

In addition to the degrees that are housed within the department, there are a number of interdepartmental degrees offered by IU as well:

  • Interdepartmental Major in Speech and Hearing Sciences and Linguistics (Focus on Speech Technology) trains students for technical jobs or graduate school programs requiring a background in machine translation, speech synthesis, speech recognition, information retrieval, natural language interfaces, text generation, or text analysis. (Visit the Linguistics Department Web site for more information.)
  • Interdepartmental Major in Speech and Hearing Sciences and Psychology is designed for students interested in the field of psychology as well as in the area of typical and atypical speech, language, and hearing to be able to formally combine both interests. (Visit the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences for more information.)
  • Minor in Speech and Hearing Sciences is an option for students pursuing a bachelor's degree in another department (e.g., Psychological and Brain Sciences) who would also like to gain an outside concentration in Speech and Hearing Sciences.