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Indiana University Bloomington

Raquel Anderson

Raquel Anderson Professor (Language Sciences)

Phone: 812 855 4161


B.A. 1980 Oberlin College
M.S. 1982 University of Puerto Rico
Ph.D. 1987 Northwestern University (Speech-Language Pathology)

Research Interests

Our main area of research lies in the study of typical and atypical language development in multicultural/bilingual children, with a particular emphasis on Spanish-English. As a corollary, we are also interested in monolingual development in typical and atypical children who speak these two languages. Particular issues of interest within these areas are: development of culturally and linguistic valid procedures in monolingual and bilingual children, first language loss in bilingual children and grammatical learning in monolingual Spanish and bilingual Spanish-English speaking typical and atypical children. The age range that we conduct research with is preschool (2-5 years), although we are also interested in earlier and later language development.