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Indiana University Bloomington

Judith Gierut

Judith Gierut Professor (Language Sciences)

Phone: 812 855 9173

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B.A. with Honors, 1977, Speech and Hearing Sciences and Psychology, College of St. Teresa, Winona, MN
M.A. with Honors, 1979, Speech and Hearing Sciences, University of Kansas, Lawrence
Ph.D., 1985, Speech and Hearing Sciences, Indiana University, Bloomington
Certificate of Clinical Competence,1980, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Research Interests

Dr. Gierut's research examines children's acquisition of the phonological system of the native language, with special emphasis on preschoolers who exhibit functional speech sound delays. The work is grounded in linguistic and psycholinguistic theories, and serves as a test case of these models. The children who participate require clinical intervention, which is delivered as an experimental manipulation, to advance their phonological systems. The outcome of this research has applied consequences that bear directly on issues of the efficacy of clinical treatments. Current funding is from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders DC01694 "Development of Phonological Categories."

Selected Publications

Dinnsen, D. A., Barlow, J. A., & Gierut, J. A. (to appear). Phonological disorders: Theoretical and experimental findings. In J. Lidz, W. Snyder, & J. Pater, Oxford handbook of developmental linguistics.

Dinnsen, D. A., Gierut, J. A., Morrisette, M. L., Green, C. R., & Farris-Trimble, A. W. (2011). On the interaction of deaffrication and consonant harmony. Journal of Child Language, 38, 380-403. PMID: 20513256

Dinnsen, D. A., Green, C. R., Gierut, J. A., & Morrisette, M. L. (2011). On the anatomy of a chain shift. Journal of Linguistics, 47, 275-299.

Dinnsen, D. A., Green, C. R., Morrisette, M. L., & Gierut, J. A. (2011). On the interaction of Velar Fronting and Labial Harmony. Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, 25, 231-251. PMID: 21080824