Diane Kewley-Port
Professor of Speech and Hearing Sciences
                and Cognitive Sciences
Office: SPHS C147 
Phone: (812) 855-5103 
Fax: (812) 855-5531 
Publications | Classes
  • B.S. 1964 University of Michigan (Science Engineering) 
  • M.S. 1968 University of Michigan (Communications Sciences) 
  • Ph.D. 1981 The Graduate School, City University of New York (Speech Sciences) 
  • Edward Sapir Award for the best dissertation in Linguistics in 1981, from the New York Academy of Sciences. 
  • Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America, "For contributions in speech perception and applied speech technology", 1993. 

Research Interests

Basic research interests focus on the perception of speech and complex, non-speech sounds. Recently the psychophysical thresholds for vowels have been investigated for both normal-hearing and hearing-impaired populations. Auditory models of speech processing have been reasonably successful in explaining the results of these experiments. A second area of research has invesitigated the principles and techniques for developing computer-based speech training aids.


The Speech Psychophysics Laboratory has a network of 10 experimental PC systems, 5equipped with TDT hardware for psychophysical research. Software includes speech analysis and synthesis programs as well as data analysis packages and MATLAB. Additional facilities for digital recording and workstations for digital signal processing are available. 

Teaching Responsibilites/Interests

At the undergraduate level I teach speech acoustics including speech perception and speech production, a mathematics course for speech and hearing students, and a new speech technology course.. In the graduate program I teach courses in digital signal processing as well as one core and one advanced seminar on the acoustics of speech in developing and disordered populations.