2017 International Summer Workshop on Reaction Theory

June 12-22, 2017, Bloomington, Indiana, USA


The first International Summer Workshop on Reaction Theory was held in 2015. The Series aims to give an introduction to and overview of Reaction Theory, from its early development by Tulio Regge to current practical applications. The Workshops are intended mainly for Graduate students and Post doctoral researchers. Faculty and research scientists are also welcome to attend. Space is limited, so early applications are recommended. Applicants should submit an initial application by March 15, 2017 (deadline extended), and will be notified by mid-March if accepted into the Workshop. Limited travel support may be available.


Participants are expected to arrive Sunday, June 11, 2017 and stay for the full 2-week course, departing on Friday, June 23, 2017.

The 2017 Workshop will be organized around the seminal text, Strong Interactions of Hadrons at High Energies, by V. N. Gribov (Cambridge University Press, 2008). The outline of the text follows closely the aims of the Workshop, as it treats the analysis of relativistic reactions that involves aspects of analyticity, crossing relations and duality, resonances and electromagnetic interactions of hadrons, dispersion relations, and Reggeon Field Theory.

The Workshop will consist of daily lectures from one of five "Teams," each team consisting of a senior and junior lecturer. The morning sessions will progressively cover Chapters 1-9 of Gribov's text book. The afternoon sessions will include Practicums, where the participants will work on problem sets and review sessions based on material covered in that morning's lectures, and additional special-topic seminars presented by guest speakers. There will also be opportunities for participants to present their current research in the afternoon sessions.


Week 1
Week 2
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