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IU Paper Challenge

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What is the Paper Challenge?

In response to the call from the Indiana University Student Association and the Graduate Student Professional Organization to reduce printing-related resource use, the IU Office of Sustainability is partnering with Offices and Departments across the Bloomington campus for a voluntary Challenge to reduce our paper footprint through trainings, strategic resource use, and creativity during Fall 2015. Let’s build a more sustainable IU together!

2015 Participants
  • Residential Programs and Service Administrative Office (RPS)
  • IU Bloomington Motor Pool
  • Social Science Research Commons (SSRC)
  • Anthropology Department
  • Service Building:
    • Building Services
    • Facility Operations
    • Real Estate
    • Space Information
    • Space Management
    • University Architects

- Reduce printing: Anthropology, Service Building, Motor Pool, SSRC, RPS

- Purchase paper with higher levels of recycled content: Anthropology Motor Pool, SSRC, RPS

- Set printers to duplex by default: Anthropology, Motor Pool, SSRC, RPS

- Review departmental printing policies: Anthropology, Service Building, Motor Pool, RPS

- Attend trainings to learn technology: Service Building, SSRC, RPS

Paper Challenge Resources

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Go Paperless


Green IT:Basic tips for reducing the printing, energy, and E-Waste impacts of technology use.

IT Training Tips:Go Paperless Blog (see topics below):

About paperless, digital storage:

Using Box at IU for Storage and Sharing:

Collaborating with Others:

Going Paperless in the Classroom:

Online and In-Person IT Training Sessions:Browse all trainings by topic here.

Sample of relevant courses:

  • Canvas: First Look; Assignments and Grading Overview; Communication Strategies; Quizzes & Tests; Pages; Peer Assessment; Using Groups; Building and Organizing Content with Modules; Migrating Resources and Files from OnCourse;
  • IU eTexts: Basic Skills for Instructors
  • Cloud Computing: Understanding Cloud Storage Options at IU; IUanyWare; Using Mobile Apps for Collaboration

Sample Syllabus Insert:Sustainable Teaching / Sustainable Course Delivery:

"This course is designed to minimize resource use while providing an enriched learning experience. This means, for example, that I will not hand out any printed materials, but I will use Canvas extensively to post handouts, collect assignments, and provide you with feedback on assignments. To help make our class as sustainable as possible, I encourage you to buy used books, minimize paper use by submitting assignments electronically as instructed, and read course readings online rather than printing copies. If you choose to print, please print double-sided, and recycle the paper after the end of the semester."
(Edited from Green Teaching Certificate Program

Request "Go Green: Print Less" prompts for computers and printing stations from