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Living Sustainably On Campus

For RPS Staff

Hello RPS staff! The Office of Sustainability is here to help fulfill your sustainability pledge. Below are a wide range of resources that will help you get yourself and your residents interested, educated, and involved in sustainability at IU.

Use this link to provide your students with resources on the Green Room Certification Program, how to live sustainably on campus, and to stay up to date with IUOS initiatives.

Incorporating sustainability into your hall is easy! You can plan a traditional program, bring in a peer eduator, take your residents on a sustainable food field trip, put up one of our sustainability bulletion boards on your floor, or take your students to one of IUOS' events.

On this page you can find sustainability-related ideas and resources to incorporate sustainability into your mentorship role as an RA.  It is possible to fulfill your job description while greening IU's campus and spreading sustainability at the same time. Help us out even more by telling other RPS staff about the resources and opportunities on this page!

Sustainability Pledge

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As an RPS staff member, you have opportunity to make a difference in your students' lives and in the greening of IU's campus. Take the pledge below and make a commitment to incorporate sustainable programming into your Res Life activities.

Bulletin Board Kits

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Assembling your floor bulletin board couldn't be easier with these ready-made bulletin board kits! Each kit revolves around a sustainability theme meant to educate, involve, and inspire the students on your floor to participate in the greening of IU. Simply click the title of the bulletin board of your choosing to download and print the PDF files by clicking the links below. 

  • Green Room Certification Program (GRCP): The GRCP supports and celebrates every on-campus student who strives to live more sustainably by adopting sustainable habits and choosing to use eco-friendly products. Students who certify their rooms receive a free reusable water bottle, and the winners of the Greenest Floor Challenge in each residential neighborhood receive a floor-wide prize!
  • Green Building: There are many new interesting architectural features that are also environmentally friendly. This bulletin board gives some basic information about buildings around the world and the steps that IU is taking to build a more sustainable campus.
Sustainability and Diversity
: While diversity and sustainability may seem like different causes, both ideas ultimately focus on equality and success for all people. This board is a great way to communicate to students how it is important to not only recognize that difference is beautiful, but also that it is important to invest in the future right now.
Reduce, Re-use, Recycle
: While no one really wants to think about their trash, it is an incredibly important issue.  Use this bullten board to give your residents a quick look at how to make conscious choices about purchasing and disposal in everyday life.
Programming Ideas

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Looking for a fun activity to do with your students this year? Use these project guides to organize a DIY crafting session with your floor while recycling unwanted items. Doing these projects together with your students is a great way to break the ice, have fun, and live more sustainably!

  • Pringles Can Speakers: Make speakers for iPods, iPhones, and other music playing devices out of an empty Pringles can.
  • Secret Compartment Book: Create a secret spot to hide your treasures by hollowing out an old textbook.
  • New Notebooks: Put together an enitrely new notebook out of old scrap paper! It's a great way to reuse paper, and to save some money on school supplies every semester.

Feel a little lazy or inexperienced? IUOS can send a Sustainability Peer Edcuator to your next event or program! Peer educators are undergraduate sustainability experts that your residents can relate to. They are ready to deliver programs on over 5 different core topics that educate and engage your residents. Email to schedule a lesson or learn more about what our peer educators have to offer!

Love food? Take your residents on a floor dinner to a locally-owned and sustainable Bloomington restaurant. There's an awesome list of nearby places here.

IUOS Events

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There are always new and ongoing opportunities to get involved with green living at IU! Coming soon: a list of some of our most exciting events that thousands of students attend and participate in every year. To get a sense of what's to come, visit our Sustainability Programming Timeline.

Fall 2015 IU Energy Challenge
Monday, Oct. 12th-Monday, Nov. 9th

Mentorship Ideas

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Never underestimate the power of leading by example! Below are some simple ways to start conversations about sustainability one-on-one with your residents.

  • Recycle on your floor. Make a big production out of it too! Save up as much of your recycling as you can stand and lug it all to the floor bins. Take multiple trips if you need to. If someone offers to help you, let them, and talk to them about recycling.
  • Green Certify your room and post your certificate on your door. Mention it in passing if you are talking to your residents. Or just blatantly encourage people to certify, that helps too!
  • Turn off the lights and close the windows when the AC (or heat) is on to reduce energy (aka coal) use, save your building money, and make your floor more comfortable. Call out other people who are living sustainably and their positive actions at your floor meeting. Don't forget to take a picture and tweet it to @IUSustain!