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Living Sustainably On Campus

RPS Challenge Kicks Off!

The RPS Challenge is a residence hall competition to reduce energy and water use between February 1 and April 22. The residence hall that has the largest reductions will win $3,000 toward student projects and programs while the runner ups will each win $1,000. Individual resident and floor prizes are also available.

The RPS Challenge is co-sponsored by Residence Life and the IU Office of Sustainability.If you're interested in a sustainability workshop or information on your floor, please contact Brynn Einecker at . Follow us on Twitter @IUsustain and @IURPSand use #RPSchallenge to show us how you're following our tips and learn about our individual prizes.

What You Can Do

Below are simple ways to live more sustainably at IU.

  • Laundry

    To kick off the RPS Challenge, we're asking you to start downstairs: the laundry room. Washing machines and dryers use a Y-U-G-E amount of energy and water. Follow these tips to reduce your laundry energy & water use up to 30% while protecting your clothes:

    Full Load, "Cold-Cold", and High Spin. Put in a full load and use those two settings reduces water and energy use (heating water uses a lot of energy!). What's wrong with warm water? Warm water shrinks your clothes and fades your colors. Cold water cleans your clothes the same as warm water.

    Clean out the lint trap before starting the dryer. Your clothes will dry faster and use less energy. Full lint traps are also a fire hazard.

  • Lighting
    • Leave The Room? Turn 'Em Off. It's that simple.

  • Water: Rinse, Sing, and Report Leaks

    Rinse, Don't Run. Wet your toothbrush. Fill your cup. Turn off the water and smile because your teeth are so fresh and so clean, and you’re reducing water, which accounts for 16% of our water use on campus.

    Sing a Song. Most people could shower in a shorter amount of time. Residents use about 18% of their water with long showers. A good rule of thumb: belt out your favorite song in the shower. Turn off the water and dry off once you hit that last note. Plus, you’ll be ready for the next karaoke night!

    Report Leaks. 14% of water we use is due to wasteful leaks and drips. See a leak or constant dripping in your dorm or around campus? First, check to see if the faucet is turned off all the way. If it’s turned off and still going, then report the leak here.

Turn off the Lights

The Party Starts When The Lights Go Off, Green Room Challenge 2016

Less is More: Save Energy Less is More: Save Water

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