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Living Sustainably On Campus

Sustainability Programming Timeline

Interested in sustainability programming in the residence halls? See below for helpful tips on this year's events. 

Major Events

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  • January 2015
    • Apply for summer internships: 
      • Deadline for application submission is February 20th.
        • Indiana University Office of Sustainability boasts quite a wide variety of summer employement opportunities.
  • February 2015
    • SustainIU Week
      • Sunday, Feburary 15th through Sunday, February 22nd
        • An entire week of fun and interesting sustainability focused programs and events.
  • March 2015
    • IU Energy Challenge:
      • Monday, March 26th  to Monday, A
        • The Energy Challenge is a campus wide competition to reduce energy and water consumption through small individual behavioral changes.  
  • April 2015 
    • Fourth Annual Food Summit:
      • Friday, April 17th
        • Details to come.
Ongoing Programming Initiatives

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Campus Garden

Volunteer for our garden, learn about sustainable, organic food production, and maybe some nab some produce! Visit the IU Garden blog to learn more.

Greening Cream and Crimson

Watch for opportunities to volunteer at football and basketball games. Volunteer activities include assisting with recycling, educating fans, and assisting with a bike valet service. Email to receive emails about volunteering, and visit the athletics site for information about what our athletic department is doing to be more sustainable.

Dunn's Woods Restoration Project

Dunn's Woods is a 130-year old, 10-acre deciduous woodland situated at the heart of Indiana University’s Bloomington campus. The woods are now host to a diverse spring ephemeral wildflower community and numerous species of birds, including a nesting pair of Cooper’s hawks, Yellow-throated Warblers, and vireos. This biodiversity is threatened by numerous exotic invasive plant species, especially the evergreen groundcover Purple Wintercreeper, that have invaded the woods. The Dunn’s Woods project aims to restore both the woods and people’s sense of place and understanding of ecological connections. Visit the project website to learn more and become involved.

Student Organizations

There are many student groups that offer a variety of involvement opportunities related to sustainability. We've compiled a list of them here, and you can also browse all student organizations through My Involvement.