Sustainability Indicators

The sustainability indicators are a set of key metrics to help us track our progress towards long-term goals of campus sustainability. The metrics are intended to reflect the vision defined by the Campus Master Plan and 2020 Vision Statement. As we improve our methods of data collection, new indicators will be added and updated each year.

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  • Academics

    Sustainability has increasingly become a theme of IUB classes and faculty research. Learn about the integration of sustainability into academic life.

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  • Buildings & Energy

    IU-Bloomington’s beautiful limestone architecture has an ecological footprint. Learn about energy, water use, and their environmental impact.

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  • Computing

    How sustainable are our computing practices? Explore some ways IUB has evaluated technology’s impact on the environment.

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  • Environment

    Has Big Red’s campus become more green? Land use and quality practices demonstrate our sustainability goals in action.

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  • Food

    We are what we eat. See how we track sustainable food practices.

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  • Involvement

    Student and community support bring us closer to our 2020 sustainability goals. Check out the growth and diversity of Hoosier involvement.

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  • Resource Use

    Reduce, reuse, recycle. Learn about our progress addressing waste management at IUB.

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  • Transportation

    IUB is on the move! From bikes to buses, learn how people commute around campus and the community.

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