Big Red Eats Green

The 2014 Big Red Eats Green (BREG) fall food festival and farmers' market is right around the corner! Join us at the Art Museum on Wednesday, September 10th from 11a.m. to 3p.m.

The mission of BREG is to increase awareness of the benefits of eating local, emphasize the availability of local food, especially for students at IU, and support the local food community.

BREG Poster

Restaurants @ BREG 2014:

  • Blustone Catering
  • Laughing Planet
  • Pizza X
  • Soma Coffee and Juice Bar
  • Sweet Claire's Bakery
  • Upland
  • Village Deli
  • ...More TBA Soon!

Music @ BREG 2014:

  • Blind Uncle Harry
  • Josh Hughey
  • The Underhills
  • ...More TBA Soon!

Campus & Community Groups @ BREG 2014:

  • Bloomington Food Policy Council
  • Campus Garden Initiative
  • Local Growers Guild
  • Revitalizing Animal Wellbeing (RAW)
  • SCCAP Growing Opportunities
  • VegIU
  • ...More TBA Soon!

Music @ BREG 2013

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Last year's music lineup was organized by the Poppy House Collective. Featured artists included: 

Speakers @ BREG 2013

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 We had three incredible speakers join us last year: 

  • 11-11:30 a.m.: Christine Barbour, Senior Lecturer, Political Science--“If You Are What You Eat, Who Are You?”
    • A short meditation on where our food comes from and why it matters.
  • 12-12:30 p.m.: Catherine Tucker, Associate Professor, Anthropology--"Coffee Makes the World Go ´Round! Why Your Coffee Choices Matter"
    • The majority of the adult population in the USA drink coffee, but most of us have limited understanding of how our choices of coffee impact the people who grow coffee and the natural environment. This talk will explore connections between our coffee consumption and the lives of people in coffee-growing countries around the world, and why our decisions can make a difference locally and globally.
  • 1-1:30 p.m.: Peter Todd, Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences--"Studying the cognitive science of food choice"
    • What can we do to help people choose to eat healthier, more sustainable foods? To figure this out, we need to know how people make their food choices in the first place. The field of cognitive science uses various approaches to give us insight into the ways people think and decide about food, and in this presentation I'll describe some of the research going on at IU to understand and possibly influence our food choices.

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