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BREG: 2013 Restaurants


  • Bloomington Flour Power

    Bloomington Flour Power

    The purveyors of handmade vegan organic pastas, sold at the Bloomington (Indiana) Farmers' Market. They also create baked goods - from organic, vegan pie-lets to organic dog treats!

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  • BLU Boy Chocolate Café and Cakery

    BLU Boy Chocolate Café and Cakery creates stunning, savory chocolates, event cakes, wedding cakes, pastries, and more.

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  • Dunn Meadow

    Dunn Meadow Cafe

    Dunn Meadow Cafe - located in the IMU provides visitors with fresh and healthy meal options.

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  • FARMbloomington


    Offering the best of Indiana's bountiful produce, Chef Daniel Orr infuses his creations with tastes from around the world. Using "local ingredients with global flavors" is the FARM mantra.

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  • Laughing Planet

    Laughing Planet

    Located at 322 E. Kirkwood, Laughing Planet provides a wide range of dishes made from seasonal and local foods.

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  • Lennies


    Established by One World Enterprises in 1989, Lennie’s introduced gourmet pizza to Bloomington, and has since become one of the town’s most popular and eclectic eateries.

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  • Piccoli Dolci

    At Piccoli Dolci (pee-coh-lee dol-chee) (“Little Sweets”) we bake authentic Italian and European pastry from scratch, using high quality natural ingredients.

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  • Pizza X

    Pizza X

    As part of One World Enterprises, Pizza X is made from scratch, by-hand pizza that provides IUB with a local, but fast pizza option.

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  • Rainbow Bakery

    Rainbow Bakery

    Bloomington's first all-vegan bakery! Located at 201 S. Rogers St.

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  • Soma


    Soma Coffeehouse and Juice Bar's mission is to provide an unparalleled coffee, tea and juice experience in an environment steeped in understanding, knowledge, skill, service and mutual respect.

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  • Sweet Claire's

    Sweet Claire's Bakery

    Aiming for quality is not just for manufacturing companies. Sweet Claire's promises to monitor production so that only the best product is sold to our customers.

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  • Topos


    Topo's 403 serves a fresh greek and mediterranean inspired menu of mezedes, salads, soups, entrees, and desserts.

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  • Tallent

    Restaurant Tallent

    Embracing the ideals of the slow food movement, Tallent works with local farmers to develop a uniquely Indiana cuisine.

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  • Upland


    Their love of the world makes it a no-brainer to locally source ingredients and materials for all of of their locations.

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  • Village Deli

    Village Deli

    The Village Deli has been a weekend breakfast tradition for many Bloomington residents and oodles of IU students. You just can’t Do Bloomington without Doing The Deli!

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