Campus Catalyst Awards

Campus Catalyst Awards: Past Recipients

2017 Campus Catalyst Award Winners

2017 Campus Catalyst Award Winners

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  • 2017 Awards
    • Excellence in Teaching: Dr. Sanya Carly
    • Excellence in Leadership: Rahul Shrivastav
    • Staff Leader Award: Lea Woodard
    • Student Leader Award: Olivia Ranseen
    • Team Award: Biddle Hotel, Mike Campbell
  • 2016 Awards
    • Excellence in Teaching: Dr. James Farmer
    • Excellence in Research: Dr. Darren Ficklin
    • Excellence in Leadership: Steve Akers
    • Student Leader Award: Linus Platzer
    • Team Award: Mehmet Dalkilic, Soumik Dey, Kurt Zimmer, and Logan Keating.
    • Read about the 2016 recipients on the IU Sustainability Blog
  • 2015 Awards
    • Excellence in Research Award: Dr. Heather Reynolds
    • Excellence in Teaching: Dr. Rebecca Lave
    • Excellence in Leadership: Jeff Kaden
    • Excellence in Student Leadership: Jack Buskirk
    • Team Award: Hoosier to Hoosier Sale Team
  • 2014 Awards
    • Read about the 2014 Recipients here
    • Peter Todd
    • Richard Wilk
    • Angela Babb
    • Tim Lewis
    • Carol Lewis and Boby Joseph of the Auxiliary Information Technology Team
    • Shahzeen Attari
  • 2013 Awards
    • Noma Maier - Leadership Award

      noma maier

      Bennet Brabson - Excellence in Teaching

      bennet brabson

      Rinku Roy Chowdhury - Excellence in Research

      rinku ory chowdhury

      CIB Living Green Team - Team Award

      cib living green team

      Maggie Messerschmidt - Student Leadership Award

  • 2012 Awards