Be A Green Greek
This section is offered for Greek members interested in pursuing more sustainable lifestyles.  Check out the categories below:
  • Energy & Water

    Energy & Water

    Energy and water use can increase your living expenses and significantly increase your carbon-footprint. Check out how you to reduce your footprint:

    Energy & Water »

  • Waste Reduction & Recycling

    Waste Reduction & Recycling

    Have you ever thought about how much trash you generate on a given day? Here are some easy ways to avoid bad habits and Rethink the ways to Reduce:

    Waste Reduction & Recycling »

  • Food


    This section offers suggestions for sustainable food choices and ways to eat, and shop in an eco-friendly way. Eating sustainably can have a major impact on your footprint:

    Food »

  • Transportation


    Transportation is always a tricky challenge as it requires behavioral change. Here are some options to travel “cleaner” to reduce your footprint:

    Transportation »