Whether you are a Chapter Sustainability Chair or regular Greek member looking to be more green, the IUOS website is a resource for you. Here you can learn to enhance the sustainability efforts of your chapter. The site is meant to help you make decisions that will lower your impact on the environment, communities, and probably save some money in the process. Its time to start thinking differently; check out the tips and strategies to see how.

  • Green Greek Page

    How To Be A Green Greek

    This page is for general Greek members interested in pursuing more sustainable lifestyle choices:

    How To Be A Green Greek »

  • Chapter Sustainability Chairs

    Chapter Sustainability Chairs

    This page is dedicated to all Chapter Sustainability Chairs and offers resources and information for elected or aspiring chairs:

    Chapter Sustainability Chairs »

  • Engagement & Participation

    Engagement & Participation

    Here you can learn of IUOS' programs and initiatives on campus. For volunteer or engagement opportunities, please visit this page:

    Engagement & Participation »

  • Recognition & Awards

    Recognition & Awards

    This page offers recognition to chapters and individuals who have excelled amongst other sustainable or green Greeks:

    Recognition & Awards »

  • Footprint Calculator

    Footprint Calculator

    Do you know how many Earth's it would take to sustain your current lifestyle? Check out this site's footprint calculator to see how sustainable you really are!

    Footprint Calculator »

  • Contact Us

    Contact Us

    For more information about the IUOS or contact information, please visit this page:

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