Green Building

Research and Teaching Preserve

Research and Teaching Preserve

LEED Rating:  Silver

LEED Rating System:  LEED NC 2.2

Certification Date: November 2009

Address:  1498 North State Road 45/46 Bypass, Bloomington, IN 47408

Campus:  IU-Bloomington

Summary:  The Indiana University Biology Teaching Preserve is an approximately 6,000 square foot building which has been designed and constructed to be efficienct, practical, and sustainable to occupants and the surrounding environment.  The Preserve is located in the heart of Bloomington's temperate deciduous forest, nestled hillside on the back of IU's private golf course.  Additionally, to preserve the integrity of the site, the Preserve is accessible only by golf cart or bicycle.  

Project Highlights:

  1. A presby septic system transfers 100% of the building's sanitary waste back into the ground naturally.
  2. A retention pond manages storm run-off by capturing and treating 90% of the average annual rainfall.
  3. Over 40% of the materials used to construct the Field Lab Preserve were regionally harvested, extracted, and manufactured.
  4. A solar panel mounted on the roof of the building reduces the electrical consumption by approximately 5% during the year.  The solar panel is part of the solar hot water system in the building.  
  5. On the interior of the building, a polished concerte floor was finished with high gloss to reduce the number of interior lighting fixtures needed.  Additionally, the floor was cost effective and requires little maintenance.  
  6. The orientation of the windows in the building also help contribute to energy efficiency.  Windows on the north side are high to catch the winter sun. South-facing windows are low with an overhang to shield the building from the summer sun.
  7. Motion-controlled lights turn on or off automatically when movement or lack of movement is detected.
  8. The buildings sees almost a 75% reduction in overall water usage.  Features that contribute to the reduced water usage include water faucets with motion sensors, waterless urinal, composting toilets, and no outside irrigation system for landscaping.
  9. The building is equipped with two showers to encourage employees to walk or bike to work by providing a means to freshen up.

LEED Scorecard Overview:

Credit CategoryPoints EarnedPoints Possible
Sustainable Sites914
Water Efficiency55
Energy & Atmosphere417
Materials & Resources313
Indoor Environmental Quality1015

Project File: