Green Events

Before the Green Events program, there was not an organized collection of sustainability resources available to event coordinators. There was also no way for coordinators to measure or compare the sustainability of their event with past events or those of other departmental organizations.

The Green Events program aims to accomplish five things: 1) provide resources to event planners, 2) evaluate planner’s sustainability initiatives, 3) provide opportunities of reflection and compare organization’s event sustainability, 4) inform and educate participants about simple green initiatives, and 5) compose a list of local, community resources.

By providing these tools to campus and community event planners, IU hopes to limit food and solid waste, support the local community, and, ultimately, make hosting a sustainable event easier.

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What is a Green Event?

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A green event is an event of any sort that is planned with the goal of minimizing waste throughout the planning process. Green events go beyond simply recycling to address other major areas of waste such as food options, transportation alternatives, venue locations, and paperless advertising.  By considering all aspects of an event, planners minimize material and electrical waste, learn about simple greening methods, and can educate others on sustainable actions

Why plan a Green Event?

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It is important that we look to all aspects of our lives for opportunities to be more sustainable. There are so many facets of living a sustainable lifestyle. Ensuring that our events minimize waste is one of them. Events can be very wasteful. Just think of all of the paper plates, handouts, decorations, and unsustainably produced food we often use when hosting. There are many ways we can each alter and improve the way we host events. These changes usually lead our events to not only be more sustainable, but often more beautiful as well.

Want to know how greening your event can impact our community? Check out our Green Events Fact Sheet. Here you will find statistics on the amount of carbon you can save, explanations of many aspects of green event planning, and discussions on why such actions are important to consider.


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Pre-certification Resources

IUOS has identified a set of conditions and actions - some optional and some required - that can be followed in order for an event to be certified.

Event Resources
  • Commitment statement - Let your guests know your event is certified
  • Jpg images of the GE logo and your sustainability badge will be e-mailed to you
Surveys and certification
What happens after I have been certified?

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The Green Events Coordinator will contact you by e-mail within 5 days of submiting your survey. We will go over your survey, add up your points and determine your badge of sustainability.

You are awarded a badge of sustainability based on how you answered the survey questions. Your badge will be e-mailed to you within 5 days of finishing the survey. Below is the point break down and description of each badge.

In the e-mail you will also receive signage and Green Event information. We're looking forward to hearing from you!


You have some room for growth but congratulations on taking the first steps!You're almost there! Just 4 more improvements and your next event will start taking root.You've done this before. Next time, see how you could branch outside the IUOS suggestions. Be innovative!

All required questions

10 total points

All required questions

15 total points

All required questions

23 total points