Green Events

What are Green Events?

The Green Events catering program is a new sustainability initiative on the Indiana University Bloomington campus.  The program recognizes and encourages customers to take extra steps in planning sustainable events by rewarding them with points.  The point system allows customers to earn prizes such as percentages off their next green event or product giveaways.

Sodexo has identified a set of conditions and actions – some optional and some required – that can be followed in order for an event to be certified and the host to receive a set number of reward points.  Click here to view the complete Green Events Checklist.  

The certification process is designed to provide resources, guidance, and recognition to clients as they take steps in decreasing their carbon footprint. To certify your Green Event click here. 

Here are some options to consider when planning your Green Event:

--Ask for seasonal, local, and organic foods to be served at your event.
--Offer vegetarian options or go meatless! This reduces food mileage as well as cost.
--Ask for Fair-Trade, Equal Exchange, or Shade Grown coffee.
--Use reusable dishware of compostable materials to divert waste.

--When advertising your event, encourage your attendees to walk, bike, use public transit, or carpool to your event.
--Encourage teleconference calls to reduce plane travel.

--Host your event during a time that utilizes natural daylight.
--Choose a location that properly accommodates the number of your attendees. This reduces heating and cooling energy consumption.
--Offer recycling and composting receptacles for waste.

--Go Paperless! From invitations to meeting agendas, using electronic materials will greatly reduce your carbon footprint and expenses.