Green Events

Why host a Green Event?

Hosting a Green Event lessens your environmental impact, educates others, and supports several IUB student-run programs. 

Green Events create less environment impact and can greatly curb carbon emissions, waste, and cost. Green Events benefit the local community by promoting purchase of local food and reusable supplies. By purchasing fewer supplies--such as less paper products--Green Events can also save you money!

The multitude of events held on campus each year provide many opportunities to inform visitors, students, and faculty of their personal responsibility in making environmentally conscientious choices while also reducing environmental impacts and helping IU reach it’s sustainability goals.  By hosting a green event, you are helping to educate your guests on the importance of living sustainably. 

Green Events support student-run clubs and programs.  Sodexo works in partnership with the IUB campus Hilltop Garden. The collaboration allows Sodexo to support student-driven initiatives while also incorporating local produce into catering events.  Sodexo also employes IUB students through internship opportunities through the Office of Sustainability. The employment allows students to strengthen their resume while working and learning from Sodexo employees.