Green Teams

Green Teams: Getting Certified

After a Green Team has been created, its members may be left wondering, "What next?"  To help limit the amount of time a team commits to deciding what actions to take within their office, the IUOS has created a system of certification! The included checklists provide teams with actions that guide them through four stages, allowing them to:
  1. First, establish their team within their immediate work environment.
  2. Second, assess the sustainability of their office's current operations.
  3. Third, enact tasks that make their office a more sustainable unit.
  4. Fourth, present themselves as an example for other campus units to follow

Levels of Certification

Once registered, a team can begin to pursue certification.  The certification process consists of a linear series of 4 certificates: SeedSproutSapling and Tree. Each certificate includes a list of feasible sustainable actions distributed amongst 7 categories: 

The categories correspond to both the IUOS working groups as well as categories included in the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education's Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS). IUB is a charter member of AASHE, and IUOS believes that the association's STARS will soon be the standard that all American colleges and universities follow.  By attending to the rating system's categories now, Green Teams will be setting IUB up for high marks.  Fulfilling the actions included within the checklists also allows teams to contribute to the goals put forth by the Campus Sustainability Advisory Board.  Simply put, by pursuing certification Green Teams will help ensure that Indiana University continues to be regarded as a leader in sustainability! Green Team

After a team has fulfilled the actions contained within a particular certificate's checklist, they need to contact the Green Teams coordinator at letting him know all of the tasks have been completed.  If everything is in order, the team will be awarded a physical certificate and be granted access to the application for the next level of certification.