Green Teams

A Green Team is an informal group of faculty, staff, and students in a particular campus unit who work collectively to promote environmentally, socially, and economically friendly practices within that unit. Getting involved with a Green Team is a great way for members of the Indiana University community to reduce the environmental impacts of their office while also helping Indiana University become a more sustainable institution!

What is a Green Team?

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  • What are the expectations of a Green Team?
    • The goal for the departmental Green Teams is to foster sustainable initiatives based on department needs. Involvement is voluntary and initiatives are tailored to those most suited to the department the Green Teams occupy.
  • What is the role of the Green Team leader?
    • The Green Team Organizer serves as a liaison between their department and the IU Office of Sustainability. Leaders plan strategically, communicate with the appropriate parties, and mobilize other team members in order to advance sustainable actions in their departments.
  • Who can be a member of a Green Team?
    • Staff, faculty, students in all positions from all levels of management and operations can be a part of the Green Team. The more representation throughout the department, the better! Additionally, having members with a knowledge of building operations, departmental finance, departmental management, or ties to departmental student organizations will help teams in their efforts to achieve realistic and meaningful goals.
  • What does an introductory Green Teams meeting agenda look like?
    • Propose initiatives specific to your unit: 15+ minutes
    • Assess current operations. Record ideas for future green actions
    • Rank activities by range of difficulty
    • Identify volunteers to explore action options
    • Any question that you are unable to answer, record and send it to the Green Teams Coordinator at
  • Who do I contact with further questions?
    • Email the Green Teams at This address is monitored by the Office of Sustainability Engagement Intern during the academic year. If you have questions during the summer, contact Sustainability Speciliast Makayla Bonney at
Getting Started

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Below are some ways your Green Team might get started. Again, the list is optional! 

  • Identify Your Leaders. Establish one or more members to serve as Green Team Leaders and the main contact(s) for the IU Office of Sustainability. Leaders should communicate their interest in Green Team formation with the Green Teams Coordinator at, but are also welcome to contact other IUOS staff
  • Host An Introductory Meeting. IUOS staff are available to attend Green Team launch meetings. 
  • Generate Interest. Communicate informally or formally. What office or departmental "problems" might the Green Team address? Will it be centered around a particular interest in sustainability, such as composting break room waste or group bicycle commute? Convey to colleagues that participation is voluntary, and maintain a contact list of interested individuals for information sharing. Determine if all building or departmental members are represented. Are there individuals missing who could be invited? Students, IT, faculty, administration, staff, building services. etc. 
  • Make a Green Action Plan. Determine the central goal of your group. The Green Teams Certification checklists – available on the IUOS Green Teams website – are a fantastic resource for formulating ideas and figuring out how to implement them.
  • Schedule Regular Departmental Green Team Meetings. Whether you’re a team of two or twenty, scheduling regular Green Team meetings provides an opportunity discuss goals, progress, challenges or needs. Many teams hold meetings once per semester as a way to strategize for the coming months, brainstorm, and share updates and accomplishments.
  • Partcipate in IU Office of Sustainability Events. Subscribe to our listserve (bottom left of this page) to stay up to date on Green Team campus wide events, student research presentations, or professional development opportunities on campus. 
Register Your Team

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Step 1. Register Your Team . You will receive a confirmation email and welcome from the Engagement Intern or member of IUOS staff within one week. 

Step 2. Determine with your team what level of certification to pursue. 

Certification Checklists
Seed Level
Sprout Level
Sapling Level
Tree Level

Step 3. Email your completed Certification Checklist to

Current Green Teams

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Green TeamCertificationLead Contact(s)IU Username
Alumni AssociationSeedKennedy 


Art MuseumSeedPatrick Petropatpetro
AthleticsSeedCaryn Hojnickihojnickc
BiologySproutMelody Inabinettemjschell
Career CenterKatie Lloydlloydk
Center for Latin American and Caribbean StudiesSproutJohn Kroondykjkroondy
ChemistryCate Reck  creck
Chinese Flagship ProgramBradley Goodbrgood
Cyberinfrastucture Building (CIB)&University Information Technology Services (UITS)SeedNoma Maier; Elizabeth Venstranomaier; erytting
Eppley Institute for Parks and Public LandsSeedElizabeth Sherrillsherrile
Folklore/EthnomusicologyMichelle Melhousemmelhous
Geological SciencesMichael Hamburgerhamburg
Geological SurveyMarni Karaffakaraffam
Indiana Memorial UnionGary Chrzastowskigchrzast
IU FoundationTreeJessica Parryjjparry
IU Health CenterSeedJoseph Sheesejsheese
Kelley School of Business – Graduate ProgramTracy Smithtracys
Kinsey InstituteJenny Bassjbass
Mathers Museum of World Cultures/Glenn Black Laboratory of ArchaeologyKelly Wherleykwherley
Office of Environmental, Health, and Safety ManagementTreeRick Petersonrspeters
Office of Student Financial AssistanceJenn Abramsjlabrams
Office of Overseas StudySproutKatie Saurkbsaur
Ostrom WorkshopSproutEmily Castleefcastle
Political ScienceJacob Bower-Birjbowerbi
Residential Programs and ServicesSteve Akersspakers
School of EducationCary Buzzellicbuzzell
School of Informatics and ComputingPaul Toddyptoddy
School of Public and Environmental AffairsSproutIan Champichamp
School of Public HealthBernadette deLeondeleon
Service Building (Capital Planning and Facilities)SeedTom Fallwelltfallwel
Theatre & DramaPaul Brunner  pbrunner