Greening Cream & Crimson

Indiana University Athletics has a long-standing tradition of commitment to the state of Indiana, the community of Bloomington, and our loyal students, staff, and faculty. That's why we believe it's of the utmost importance to embrace smart, forward-thinking green practices that all Hoosiers can take pride in. 

We look forward to building on our already successful efforts during the 2015-2016 academic year by engaging our fan base and improving sustainable systems within the department. We greatly appreciate your support!

Greening Cream and Crimson LogoToday, sustainable development emphasizes simultaneous economic, environmental and social dimensions. As acknowledged by Indiana University and the Athletics Department - understanding our impact and improving our practices to continue crafting a department that is more in touch with economy, ecology and equity benefits a wide array of stakeholders. Most importantly, we believe embracing forward-thinking, sustainable systems is a step we must take sooner rather than later; today, not tomorrow.
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