Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale

H2H: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale?
    • H2H is a reuse program that aims 1) to divert reusable items from the landfill during student move-out, 2) to prevent additional resource consumption by selling collected items to students and community members in order 3) to raise funds for local charities and other organizations.
  • When and where is the sale?
    • The sale is held just before IU starts classes in August. In 2018, the sale will take place on Saturday, August 18 from 8 am - 3 pm at the Warehouse, 1525 S Rogers St, Bloomington, IN 47403.
  • How will parking work?
    • The lot immediately in front of The Warehouse is reserved for handicapped parking and merchandise pickup only. All others must park in the lot just north of The Warehouse (at the end of Hillside, accessible by turning east off of Rogers Street) or in the overflow lot located across the street. We will have signs posted on the day of the sale to indicate where parking is located, and volunteers to help direct traffic. Parking is free.
  • Can I ride my bike, walk, or take the bus to the sale?
    • Yes! The #2 Bloomington Transit bus stops directly in front of the facility, and the rear of the building backs up the B-Line trail. We encourage our patrons to use active forms of transportation whenever possible.
    • See below for information on the free shuttle from IU's campus.
  • Is there a free shuttle for students?
    • Yes! This year, we are again offering a free shuttle for IU students. You can catch the shuttle at McNutt, Eignenmann and Forest residence halls.
  • Is the facility handicapped accessible?
    • Yes. There is a handicapped accessible ramp and handicapped parking available directly in front of the building.
  • How will large-item purchases work?
    • Large items such as furniture and televisions will all be individually priced, and marked with a price tag. To purchase an item, hail a roving cashier and pay for the item. You will receive a receipt for the item which you can use to access the pickup area and claim your item.
      No furniture or other large items will be permitted in the main checkout line. However, smaller items may be paid for in the large item checkout line.
      Once large items have been purchased, they will remain in the same spot on the floor until you are ready to pick them up. Volunteers will be available to help move heavy items to your vehicle. Delivery service may be available to move items for a fee. It is your responsibility to secure and pay for delivery of the items you purchase. Items that are not removed from The Warehouse by 3:30 pm will be considered abandoned and will be considered forfeited by the purchaser.
  • Is there a fee to attend?
    • IU students with a valid IU id are admitted for a $5 entrance fee from 8 am to 9:30 pm. After 9:30 there is no cost for an IU student to enter the sale.
    • For non-IU students there is a $10.00 entrance fee from 8:00am until 9:30am. Anyone over 16 years old and older must pay the fee. Children 16 years old and under are free. The maximum fee per family is $20.
    • Early birds will receive a hand stamp to prove they have paid. Volunteer staff begin collecting the entry fees around 7:00am, so the line flows very quickly when the gate opens.
      After 9:30 there is no entrance fee.
  • What is typically for sale at H2H?
    • Couches, dishes, pots and pans, lamps, fans, futons, electronics, office chairs, carpet, other housewares, bedding, books, vacuums, etc., and lots and lots of clothing.
  • About how much stuff is there?
    • In 2018, we will have the equivalent of about 8 semi-trailers worth of donations.
  • What are the prices, and what is the money used for?
    • Everything is priced reasonably. All proceeds go to support the sustainability efforts at the City of Bloomington, Indiana University, Cutters Soccer Club and several other local non-profit organizations.
      In 2017, we raised about $45,000 to support our local organizations.
  • Will the checkout lines be long?
    • We will have at least six regular checkout lanes and an express lane for those with fewer items. There is always a rush of shoppers within the first 2 hours, so at times the lines can be quite long. All of our staff are volunteers, so we ask for your patience (and also encourage you to volunteer). We recommend bringing something to entertain children you might have in tow.
  • Do you have boxes, bags, or carts I can use while shopping?
    • We will have a limited number of boxes and bags available at the entrance, but these will be given out on a first-come-first-serve basis.
      We will also have about 50 carts (donated by Walmart) that can be checked out with a valid photo id.
  • Is it possible to barter or haggle?
    • No - everything is priced reasonably. All proceeds go to support the sustainability efforts at the City of Bloomington, Indiana University, Cutters Soccer Club and several other local non-profit organizations.
  • As a volunteer, do I get to shop early and/or can I buy during my shift?
    • We do not allow volunteers or anyone else to purchase items prior to sale day.
  • Is anything "good" left after the early bird shoppers?
    • Shopping after 9:30 is a great time to come in. The crowds are much thinner and there are still tons and tons of items to purchase. This is an especially good time for clothing shoppers.
  • How can I help?
    • We need hundreds of volunteers to cover pre-sale sorting and arranging as well as volunteers for sale-day. Please sign up for a volunteer shift here.
      We also ask students and others to remember to donate their items to H2H or another local reuse organization when they move or otherwise need to get rid of reusable items. Everything we throw away in Bloomington travels roughly 60 miles to the landfill near Terre Haute, so the more waste we can divert, the better.