About RAIN

They work to improve existing and install green infrastructure for the purposes of stormwater management at Indiana University and in the City of Bloomington, to encourage a paradigm shift of grey to green regarding stormwater at the local level, and to educate the public on the potential for manufactured ecological processes to provide crucial, cost-effective solutions.


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The Indiana University Campus Master Plan, issued in 2010, promotes environmentally sensitive land use practices such as vegetated buffer zones, and includes goals to “capture and treat water where it falls or as close as possible” and “release water from the campus at volumes no greater than that released by the site in its native state.” Our graduate student-ledstormwater group, the RAIN Initiative (Restorative Adaptations for Infrastructure) assembled in the fall of 2012 to assist Indiana University (IU) in meeting its stormwater management goals through green infrastructure design at the IU Championship Golf Course. The group also hopes to educate its members and others on the application of eco-hydrology as a necessary aspect of creating sustainable communities.

The process for research and implementation was initiated with support from the Office of Sustainability and the IU Research and Teaching Preserve. Campus Division will install and the IU Golf Course will maintain the first student-designed infrastructure. The Office of Sustainability will continue to support the development of green infrastructure within their established objectives.

Reference: Strategic Plan

  • The RAIN Initiative Vision:
    • An IU campus with water infrastructure that effectively manages rainwater where it falls through the use of green infrastructure systems and practices.
  • The RAIN Initiative Mission
    • To engage students in the design and implementation of plans for green infrastructure at Indiana University.

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Maggie Messerschmidtmcmesser
Raija Bushnell rbushnel
Jeffrey Meekjeffmeek
Rachael Bergmannrabergma
Tim Clarkclarktr
Alex Kainkaina
Lizzy Vogelelivogel
Keith Clay*clay
Melissa Clark*mlaney
Heather Reynolds*hlreynol
Valerie Lonneman vclonnem
Kyle Clark-Suttonkybclark
Kristin Shawkrilshaw
Leah Harmon leeharmo
Bridget Borrowdalebeborrow
Meghan Plochmeploch

*Faculty Sponsor 

We are always interested in having more student participants. Please contact for more information.


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