RAIN Projects

RAIN is currently working on a variety of projects, both research and implementation, geared towards the goals outlined in their strategic plan.
IU Championship Golf Course

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The first project at of The RAIN (Restorative Adaptations for Infrastructure) Initiative involves a green infrastructure design at the IU Championship Golf Course. These waters are within the Beanblossom Creek Watershed, and drain to Griffy Lake, which has had extensive issues with sedimentation and invasive species. The project involves sampling runoff and implementation of two types of stormwater control measures with distinct hydrological functions. Compost filter berms and a Water and Sediment Control Basin (WASCOB), retains water temporarily in a pond. Outflow from both berm types should be reduced as a result of increased evapotranspiration and infiltration.

The IU Architect’s Office, which oversees golf course activities, has agreed to construct the first of three weep berms in Spring 2014 on the golf course, according to Natural Resources Conservation Service specifications. Through funding from the Office of Sustainability, students have installed nine weirs at ravine heads, where erosion is encroaching on the IU Golf Course. Measurements since June 2013 have indicated total suspended solids at levels as high as 85 mg/L and total phosphorus measurements at 0.28 ppm. Flow measurements are measured at v-notch weirs installed by students and IU Research and Teaching Preserve staff. This preliminary data has allowed the group to consider appropriate designs for mitigation, and has garnered support from various campus and community groups to further develop the project.

Golf Course Map

Golf Course Ravines

Longwood-Devon Neighborhood

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SPEA masters students enrolled in the "Best Management Practices for Healthy Urban Watersheds" course this spring are conducting a feasibility study for Low Impact Design (LID) solutions in Bloomington's Longwood/Devon neighborhood. The students are working with the City of Bloomington, neighborhood residents, and adjoining property managers to develop a comprehensive recommendation for green infrastructure improvements that would help slow and retain stormwater in the area. 

Longwood-Devon Design