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Formed by UITS at the request of the IU Office of Sustainability in 2009, the Sustainable IT Working Group (SITWG) is a cross-functional team of faculty, staff and students who are dedicated to improving sustainabile computing practices at IU. Since its formation, SITWG has focused on utility management for computing resources, responsible management of electronic waste, print reduction initiatives and the use of technology as a vehicle for improving sustainability.


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To leverage resources, skills and knowledge with the goal of lowering the environmental impact of our technological practices and effectively employ  technologies to lower the environmental impact of the campus and its constituents.


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  1. Advise the Office of Sustainability, Sustainability Advisory Board, and Office of the Vice President for Information Technology  on environmental impact of technological practices. Recommend projects and priorities to achieve objective.
  2. Evaluate and recommend technology uses that allow the campus to meet its sustainability goals.
  3. Facilitate communication on sustainable computing initiatives across the University.
  4. Seek input from broad constituents on sustainable computing.
Recent Progress

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The first initiative that the Sustainable Computing Working Group helped roll out in 2009 was the GoGreen Gadget and Reporting Service. Since then the Working Group has worked to publicize E-Waste Recycling events and advise the University on new technologies and purchasing practices.


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The working group is currently led by co-chairs Victor Borden and Noma Maier.


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Sustainable IT Working Group Members

Bantin, Philip

Adjunct Associate Professor

Director of Archives Specialization

Director of Office of University Archives

Borden, Victor

Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Senior Advisor to the Executive Vice President for University Regional Affairs, Planning, and Policy

Brown, William

Director of the Office of Sustainability

Cooley, Dave

Assistant Director of Facilities & Collaborative Environments, School of Informatics & Computing

Cromwell, Dennis

Associate Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure

de Leon, Bernadette

Director, SPH Bloomington IT Services

Ensmenger, Nathan

Associate Professor of Informatics, SoIC

Flynn, Bob

IT Community Partnerships, Project Manager

Herring, Todd

IT Community Partnerships, Project Manager

Luehring, Fred

Senior Scientist, High Energy Physics (Software), Grid Computing 

Maier, Noma

UITS Sustainable IT Services, Project Manager 

Miller, Dan

UITS Data Center Operations Manager 

Reid, Todd

IU Surplus Stores, Manager 

Smith, Nathan

Contract Manager, Purchasing

Decker, Matthew

Manager, UITS Student Technology Centers

Zappia, Catherine

Leveraged Support, UITS