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Indiana University Bloomington


STARTALK Swahili student Program
Swahili language and culture for Indiana high schools
Indiana University, Bloomington June 15th to July 10th 2015
Participants who successfully complete the program will earn Pre-College foreign language credits from Indiana University. Tuition fees will be paid by the program.
Documents required for applying to the STARTALK Swahili program are:

  1. Application form
  2. Recommendation letter (if this is your first time applying for the program)
  3. Essay
  4. Transcript

Please mail all the documents to:
Dr. Alwiya S. Omar
Department of Linguistics
Memorial Hall 326
812 855 3323
1021 E. Third Street
Bloomington IN 47405

If you have questions you can e-mail Program Coordinator Meg Arenberg at You may complete the application form either by downloading it (here) and mailing it to the address above, or by filling out the online form. To apply online, click the blue button below.

We are now accepting online and paper applications. Applications are due by 30 May 2015