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2017 Summer Languages

Language Year(s) Start Date Course Details
Arabic 1st-3rd June 5 Details
Azerbaijani 2nd June 5 Details
BCS 1st June 5 Details
Chinese 1st June 5 Details
Estonian 1st June 5 Details
Haitian Creole 1st June 5 Details
Hungarian 1st June 5 Details
Japanese 1st June 5 Details
Kurdish 1st-2nd June 5 Details
Lithuanian 1st June 5 Details
Mongolian 1st June 5 Details
Persian 1st June 5 Details
Pashto (online) 1st June 5 Details
Russian 1st-6th June 5 Details
Turkish 1st-2nd June 5 Details
Ukrainian 1st June 5 Details

All courses contingent upon enrollment. For questions concerning the registration process, contact the Workshop by email or at 812-855-2889.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are classes held?

Classes are held for fours every morning Monday through Friday. Russian and Chinese students have an additional hour of classes in the afternoon.

All students have two hours of language table per week.

In addition, there are numerous extracurricular cultural activities in the afternoons and evenings. Some extracurricular activities will be required by your instructor.

The homework load each night is between 2 and 4 hours.

How do I transfer my Workshop credits to my home institution?

You will need to contact the IU Registrar's Office, Transcript Department. Their phone number is (812) 855-7505.

You may also visit their website at

Please note that you will need to have your username, passphrase, and student ID# (you will receive all of this information once you are registered).

Do I need previous background in the language in order to participate in the Summer Language Workshop?

No. All languages offered at the Workshop begin with first-year instruction unless otherwise notes.

When do I have to arrive for the Summer Language Workshop?

All students are expected at orientation on the first day of the Workshop: June 5, 2017. All classes will have their first meetings directly after orientation.

All students should send any specific inquiries about the schedule and programmatic expectations or any related requests to Any requests for exceptions should be submitted before May 1, 2017.

Can I leave the program a few days earlier?

All students are expected to stay through the last day of their program (July 28).

Any requests for exceptions must be sent to

What if I need to be absent in the middle of the program?

The Workshop, like all other intensive summer language programs, has a very strict attendance policy. The accelerated rate of courses means that each day's class meeting is about the equivalent of one week's instruction in a regular academic year course and the credits assigned are based on students meeting a specified number of contact hours.

Excessive or prolonged absences impact individual student performance. They also create potential problems for instructors, who expect to follow their curriculum at a specific pace and for fellow students who attend class regularly and whose progress may be slowed by students who, because of such absences, are unable to keep up with the pace of the class.

All course syllabi outline specific grade-related penalties for absences and the attendance policy will be reviewed during student orientations.

Students should not plan to be absent in the middle of the program. Any planned absences must be brought to the attention of Workshop staff before May 1, 2017.

Any questions about the policy should be sent to

Can I audit or take classes pass/fail?

No, neither is an option.

Where is the Workshop office located?

We are located in the Global and International Studies Building at 355 North Jordan Avenue, between the Wells Library and Radio-TV Building.

Any questions about the policies above should be directed to

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions that we have not addressed!