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It just takes time and consistent effort to learn Russian. Your goal is going to be to spend an hour each day working on Russian. By strengthening your understanding of Russian grammar and spending even 15 minutes a day on the different skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening to authentic Russian sources (whether music, movies, news or books), you will see a huge improvement in your understanding of the language. Find materials that are interesting to you and spend some time on them each day. Don't burn yourself out by doing too much all at once.

The pages listed to the side are resources that you can access at any point. I would recommend you explore them all to see just some of the many language learning materials available on the web and to select ones that you would like to use to supplement your studies. The grammar resources, along with the language modules should be the foundation of your studies.

The Language Modules listed and described below were developed using authentic materials to help independent learners improve their foreign language skills. Follow the guidance below as you select and work through some of the language modules.

Language Module: Choose a language module that interests you! There are many different learning styles, and each is represented in our learning modules. Choose among options that teach through music videos, news article, culture, and grammar approaches. Whichever styles works for you, use them to practice and improve your Russian!

What level should I choose? Choose a level that is comfortable for you. It should be challenging enough that you are learning something new every day, but not so challenging that you are spending most of your time looking up words you don't understand. The aim of these modules is to get you using your Russian today! If you are progressing through a module, and it doesn't seem challenging enough, move up to the next level. If you find yourself getting frustrated with a certain module, either move down a level of move to a new exercise. Remember, this program is meant to be tailored to your individual needs!

How long will it take? Any amount of time spent studying Russian will be beneficial, but we recommend spending at least an hour each day to see significant improvements in your Russian. Some exercises will only take 15 minutes, while others make take from 30-60 minutes. Using a combination that feels comfortable to you, aim for 60 minutes each day of practice using the different modules available. When you have selected one that interests you and won't discourage you from the level of difficulty, begin working through the exercises. Don't spend more than an hour and a half on any one exercise. You will probably get more out of your study by moving on to a different module.

Do I have to do every exercise in the module? If you find you understand the material and the grammar of the text well, don't spend too much time with it. Use your time efficiently and move on to another exercise.

What is the best way to work through the modules? I recommend starting at the beginning of a new module and working your way through it. If it is too easy, or too difficult, you can switch to a new level, or go to a new exercise. Try to do a variety of activities daily. The four main areas you will want to focus on are reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Different modules will provide different ways to practice each of these areas.

Work on your reading and pronunciation: Try recording yourself and listen to what you sound like as you go through modules, especially as you use Expanding Your Russian. Even if you read a few sentences at a time and try to work on sounding like the native speaker, this will help you improve your reading skills and help you improve your pronunciation. Free software for recording and editing sounds can be found at:

What should I do if I don't understand the grammar? If there are parts of grammar that you don't understand from the passage, make sure you go through the exercises and click on the buttons that provide hints, tips or feedback. Most of them give useful information about the grammar found in the passages. If you still don't understand the grammar, try consulting the grammar resources, or ask your tutor, teacher or mentor.