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Anyone can learn Russian. It just takes time and consistent effort. Your goal is to spend an hour each day working on Russian. By strengthening your understanding of Russian through reading and listening to authentic Russian sources (whether music, movies, news, or books), you will see a huge improvement in your understanding of the language. Find materials that are interesting to you and spend some time on them each day. Don't burn yourself out by doing too much all at once.

As you use this site, you will be doing what is called extended reading. Extended Reading is reading for enjoyment, where you focus on the overall meaning rather than getting bogged down in details and attention to forms. You don't have to look up every word you don't know. In fact, you may decide to not look up any words at all, but instead just jot some words down that you would like to look up after you are done reading. The idea of reading this way is that you will be focused on understanding the content and main message of the reading, like you do when you read a book for pleasure in your native language. As you look through the site, find articles and modules that you are excited to learn more about.

The same idea applies with extended listening: you are listening for overall understanding, not to understand every single word. In Russian conversations or when listening to movies, radio, or television, you may often find that you don't know every word. This site is designed to help you listen for main ideas and allow you to correctly follow what is being communicated.

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