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Journey Toward Excellence
A Systemic Change Effort in the Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township
Indianapolis, Indiana
Facilitated by Indiana University

Fall 2007 Reading Selections


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Readings for Fall 2007

 Reading area 1: Ways that educational needs are different in the information age compared to the industrial age: Printable Copy of Reading List


Reading area 2: Ways the customized, attainment-based, learning-focused paradigm of education is different from the standardized, time-based, sorting-focused paradigm of education:



Reading area 3: Ways that the paradigm-change approach to school improvement is different from the typical reform approach:



Reading area 4: What systems thinking is and why it is important for a paradigm-change approach to school improvement:



Reading area 5: What systems design is and why it is important for a paradigm-change approach to school improvement:



Reading area 6: Why mindset change among many stakeholders is so important. Hence, why stakeholder ownership of the change process is so important:



Reading area 7: Ways the consensus-building decision-making process is different from the autocratic and democratic decision-making processes. Why disclosure is so important:



Reading area 8: Ways the participatory, developmental paradigm of leadership is different from the top-down, supervisory paradigm of leadership. Why trust is so important:


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