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Journey Toward Excellence
A Systemic Change Effort in the Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township
Indianapolis, Indiana
Facilitated by Indiana University


Charles M. Reigeluth.

Charles Reigeluth is a professor in the Instructional Systems Technology Department at Indiana University, and is a past chairman of the department. His research focuses on systemic change in public education and the design of high quality instruction. He has published eight books and over ninety articles and chapters on those subjects, and two of his books received an "outstanding book of the year" award from the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT). He has also received the "Distinguished Service" award from AECT and the "Honored Alumnus" award from Brigham Young University's School of Education.

Charlie is a major developer of knowledge about facilitating the systemic change process in public school districts, and is the major developer of several instructional design theories, including the elaboration theory and simulation theory. He has a B.A. in Economics from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in Instructional Psychology from Brigham Young University. He taught science at the secondary level for three years. He views helping to raise three wonderful children as his most rewarding accomplishment, but helping schools to attain dramatic improvements is his passion.

You can write to Charlie by clicking this link...

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Roberto was born in Brooklyn, New York and is the first in his family of Haitian immigrants to attend college. He considers himself an African-Haitian American. As a product of the NYC public school system, he understands first hand the need to motivate and help youth achieve to their potential. Furthermore, he is determined to develop methods for transforming education to better meet the needs of society.

Before coming to Indiana University in 1999 to pursue his doctorate, Roberto worked for five years as a high school mathematics teacher and computer coordinator in the New York City Public Schools. He has facilitated numerous technology workshops for the United Federation of Teachers, and served as Project Facilitator for the New York City Queens Urban Systemic Initiative. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Instructional Technology from New York Institute of Technology. When Roberto arrived to Indiana University in the fall of 1999, he worked as the Assistant to the Director of Project TEAM, a research and development initiative designed to increase the number of students from underrepresented minorities at Indiana University who enter a teacher education program (P-12). As the Assistant to Director of Project TEAM, one of Mr. Joseph's management responsibilities was to provide teaching and youth leadership experience for TEAM preservice teachers. Roberto was also the co-principal investigator on an Eisenhower Professional Development grant. He has served as consultant to the Bloomington DePaul School on a school-wide technology integration project.

Professor Joseph is primarily involved in research on facilitating systemic change in public school districts. He has been creating a conceptual framework of the systemic change process to help educational stakeholders develop the competence in designing and reinventing a new educational system. His research currently focuses on understanding and highlighting students' voices in the change process. Professor Joseph is also particularly interested in researching how to begin to incorporate culture throughout the Instructional Systems Design process.

Roberto has published several articles in the area of Systemic Change. He is a Gates Millennium Scholar, and he is committed to assisting schools in creating meaningful learning environments to answer the future needs of students and society.

You can write to Roberto by sending email to

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Sari Pascoe.
Sari M. Pascoe
Ph.D. student in IST program
W200 Associate Instructor, IUB SoE

Born and raised in Mexico City. Moved to the US over one decade ago and lived in the East Coast, the West Coast, and the Midwest. Worked with San Francisco Unified School District for five years as bilingual classroom teacher, administrator and facilitator. As administrator, I served as Reform Coordinator for an inner-city public school serving minority student popoulations and living-in-poverty families. Through reform efforts, the school provided families with better services, students benefited from Best Educational Practices, and professionals received training in needed areas of growth.

Education: B.A. in Organizational Management. M.A. in Instructional Technologies.
K-12 Teaching Credential (Spanish bilingual). Languages: Spanish (native),
English (second), French (third).

Her website is located at

You can write to Sari by sending email to

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Kurt B. Richter
Doctoral Candidate in IST program
Graduate Assistant, IUB School of Education

Kurt was born in California, raised in Minnesota, and lived for 24 years in Alaska. He worked with the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District in Fairbanks, Alaska, where he was a classroom teacher in grades 3-6. Kurt retired in 1997. After working as a finish carpenter and a University Supervisor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, he moved "Outside" to Bloomington where he began working towards his doctorate in education. He recently worked as a W200 Educational Technology instructor working with undergraduates preparing for their teaching careers. Kurt now works as a Graduate Assistant for Dr. Reigeluth on the Decatur project, and is the webmaster for this website.


  • Ed.D. Doctoral Candidate in IST, Indiana University Bloomington, 1998-Present
  • M.Ed. University of Alaska Fairbanks, August 1981 (Public School Administration)
  • B.S. University of Minnesota Minneapolis, December, 1973 (Elementary Education)

His website is located at

You can write to Kurt at

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Sung Kil Pang.

Sung Pil Kang
Ph.D. Candidate
in IST

My name is Sung Pil Kang from Korea. (My friends usually call me 'Pil') I have a BA and an MA in Education at Hanyang University in Korea. This is my third year in Bloomington, and I am living with my wife and 11 month old baby, born in December 2001. I am majoring in Instructional Systems Technology and minoring in Business at IUB. My academic interests are systemic change and performance technology. In the future, I want to be a Human Performance Consultant and a professor in similar fields.

You can reach Sung Pil Kang by writing to him at


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Shijuan Liu.

Shijuan Liu
Ph.D. student in IST

Shijuan Liu was born and raised in Mainland China. She earned a bachelor degree from Hebei Normal University majoring in Chinese Language and Literature, and a master in Applied Linguistics from Renmin University of China where she had taught as a full-time faculty for five years. She had experiences of promoting technology in K-12 schools both in China and U.S. She once worked at Deerfield Academy, Massachusetts as a visiting scholar for a few months. Currently she is working on her doctoral degree in Instruction System Technology Program at Indiana University, Bloomington Her interests in education system change focus on how to support people in a change process more comprehensively especially from psychological perspective.

She can be reached via email at

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Ja-Ok Whang

Ja-Ok Hwang
(Ph.D. student in IST)

I was born and raised in Busan, South Korea. I worked at the Multimedia Center of Busan National University as an assistant manager for two years. At the same time, I worked as a teaching assistant in the "multimedia specialist program" for middle and high-school teachers in Korea. Currently, I am working at ACEC (APEC Cyber Education Cooperation) secretaries in IU as a part-time researcher. My academic interests are focused on instructional design theories, instructional strategies and tactics, and systemic change in school system. I expect that the school system is going to be innovated and improved continuously as consistent with the future needs of students and society through the systemic change efforts.


  • M.S. student in IST, Indiana University Bloomington, 2000-Present
  • B.A. in Education, Busan National University, February, 1998.

You can write to me by sending email to

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