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Journey Toward Excellence
A Systemic Change Effort in the Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township
Indianapolis, Indiana
Facilitated by Indiana University


Charles Reigeluth and Roberto Joseph served as co-facilitators for the systemic change effort in the MSD Decatur Township. They attended the weekly Core Team meetings in Decatur together, and they made good use of the hour drive to Decatur by planning for the upcoming meeting on the way there and debriefing it on the way back.

Since August 2003, Charles Reigeluth, Roberto Joseph, and Kurt Richter have served from January 2001 through August 2003 as to a "Facilitation Team" comprised of Core Team members Don Stinson, Larry Taylor, Janet Larch, and Susan Adams. In Spring 2004, the Facilitation Team was expanded to include Gary Pellico, Rose Hootman, Kelly Brawner, and Rosie O'Brien.


Charles Reigeluth is a professor in the Instructional Systems Technology Department in the IU School of Education. He taught high school from 1969-1972. In 1990 he founded the IU Restructuring Support Service, which has facilitated three building-level change efforts and one district-level effort. He is a co-author of the Guidance System for Transforming Education, which is being used to guide the change effort in Decatur. More information about Reigeluth can be found at his web site,

  Roberto Joseph is professor of Instructional Systems Technology at Temple University in New York.

Kurt Richter is a research assistant in the Instructional Systems Technnology Department at the IU School of Education. He taught in the elementary grades in Fairbanks, AK, from 1974-1997 when he retired the first time. More information about Kurt can be found at his web site, .

  The co-facilitators are aided by a "Support Team" of advanced graduate students who are interested in systemic change in education. The Support Team meets after every visit the facilitators make to Decatur, to review what happened, analyze what could have been done better, and plan what advice should be given for the next meeting at Decatur. This provides an excellent opportunity for the Support Team members to vicariously experience being a facilitator, as well as providing a valuable service for the change effort in Decatur. The Support Team members also conduct research on the change process in Decatur.
  Sari Pascoe is an associate instructor in the IST Department at the IU School of Education. She has taught as a bilingual instructor, an administrator, and as a facilitator. More information about Sari can be found at her web site, .
  Sung Pil Kang is a student majoring in Instructional Systems Technology and minoring in Business at IUB. His academic interests are systemic change and performance technology.
  Shijuan Liu is a doctoral student in the Instructional Systems Technology Department. Currently she is assisting a professional development grant program for South Indiana teachers at Center for Research on Learning and Technology (CRLT), IU School of Education. Further information about her can be found from
  Ja-Ok Hwang is a masters student in Instructional Systems Technology Department. She comes to Indiana University Bloomington from Busan, South Korea, where she worked at the Multimedia Center of Busan National University as an assistant manager for two years.
  Over time, valued members of the Decatur Support Team have graduated and moved on to other projects. Follow this link to view the Support Team Archives

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