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Journey Toward Excellence
A Systemic Change Effort in the Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township
Indianapolis, Indiana
Facilitated by Indiana University

Members of the Decatur Change Effort

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bailey  cmr_photo1  collins  corbin culver
Susan Adams
MSD Administration
Nancy Bailey
MSD Staff
Charles Reigeluth
IUB Adviser & Facilitator
Judith Collins
MSD School Board
Sheila Corbin
MSD Teacher
Melody Culver
Parent/Community Member
hootman  jackson  jones
Tina Irvin
Parent/Community Member
Kaye Gaither
MSD Teacher

Rose Hootman
MSD Teacher

President, Decatur Education Association

Terri Jackson
Parent/Community Member
Patricia Jones
MSD Administration
Kurt Richter
IUB Researcher &
larch   lt_group_photo
pellico  prada
Janet Larch
MSD Principal
Retreat Photo of the Leadership Team

Gary Pellico
MSD Administration

Joseph Preda
MSD Principal
Donald Stinson
MSD Superintendent
Kelly Brawner
Parent/Community Member
Rosie O'Brien
MSD Administration

Debbie Sullivan
MSD Administration

Troy Guthrie
MSD Administration
Larry Taylor
MSD School Board
Katherine Walton
MSD Teacher

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